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This is a video from bmezine . this guy is called the indestructible man and he thinks this kind of stuff is erotic. this is some messed up shit.

but its neat i guess.

comments: 113
published: 2007-04-04
rated: 2.11 (9 votes)
nascar victory the way it should be celebrated.

comments: 54
published: 2007-04-03
rated: 4.28 (18 votes)
No matter what your line of work, it is so important to wear safety eyeware...\

comments: 104
published: 2007-04-02
rated: 2.97 (39 votes)
Being an owner of several snakes, I found this highly interesting... and unorthodox. This Burmese python didnt squeeze the life out of this bird before it decided to eat it. Up until the very end of the video you can still hear the muffled chirp of the bird!!

comments: 174
published: 2007-03-31
rated: 2.47 (19 votes)
Poor girl gets Knocked out

comments: 120
published: 2007-03-31
rated: 3.8 (10 votes)
Detailed video on Islam.

comments: 1040
published: 2007-03-30
rated: 3.41 (221 votes)
Karl Rove is the Deputy Chief of Staff to George Bush Jr. At a Radio-Television Correspondents Association Dinner Karl tried to get down with his bad self.

comments: 70
published: 2007-03-30
rated: 4 (1 votes)
Lindsay Lohan was caught sporting a thin shirt, no bra, and hard nipples outside of a smoothie restaurant.

comments: 73
published: 2007-03-30
rated: 2.8 (10 votes)
check out the kick-ass hands free helmet cam this guy uses when soliciting women in the park for sex.

comments: 112
published: 2007-03-29
rated: 3.68 (59 votes)
Some gang gets shot at while sitting on their porch.  The guys doing the shooting really need to spend some time at the shooting range and improve their accuracy - otherwise children 2 houses away will take a bullet.

comments: 416
published: 2007-03-29
rated: 2.8 (5 votes)
While filming a segment for The Today Show with guest Will Ferrell, Meredith Vieira takes a digger and smashes her head on the ice.

comments: 57
published: 2007-03-29
rated: 2.93 (15 votes)

comments: 87
published: 2007-03-28
rated: 1.86 (37 votes)
some piece of shit worthless human being beat a 77 year old clerk during an armed robbery.  Hopefully the old man will find him before the police do.

comments: 215
published: 2007-03-28
rated: 3 (1 votes)
Awesome skit from SNL with Peyton Manning.  Working with United Way, he teaches kids the important things in life.

comments: 65
published: 2007-03-28
rated: 4.89 (64 votes)
The body of Kevin Whitrick, a father of two children, was found Wednesday night after a chat room user contacted police to report that the 42-year-old had \

comments: 171
published: 2007-03-27
rated: 1.78 (9 votes)
Some guy goes nuts as people keep pouring into the elevator.

comments: 112
published: 2007-03-27
rated: 3.33 (15 votes)
A suspected drunk takes a digger and falls square on his face while being field tested by an officer - This had to leave a mark.

comments: 110
published: 2007-03-26
rated: 3.22 (23 votes)
Stever Irwin wannabee - Jeff Corwin got bitch slapped by an elephant while filming a segment for his television show.

comments: 103
published: 2007-03-26
rated: 2.32 (22 votes)

comments: 76
published: 2007-03-26
rated: 3.4 (15 votes)
Lilly Tomlin acts like a spoiled rich bitch on the set of the Huckabees, and the producer goes ballistic on her.  could you imagine working with annoying celebrities like this?

comments: 88
published: 2007-03-25
rated: 2.67 (3 votes)
I think everyone on the planet has seen this by now, but check out the pussy on the left side of the bar doing nothing to help.  He should be ashamed of himself for being such a little bitch!

comments: 3864
published: 2007-03-24
rated: 2.94 (16 votes)

comments: 119
published: 2007-03-24
rated: 2.85 (13 votes)
Kate's mom calling when she was getting her ass slammed.
Not only does her mom call, but the guys filming it tells them exactly what they're doing to their daughter. :)

comments: 87
published: 2007-03-23
rated: 3.64 (56 votes)
Please refrain from bantering and immature comments... particularly about race. ALL races have big girls. I\'m sure YOUR mama isnt 110lbs.

comments: 434
published: 2007-03-23
rated: 2.56 (36 votes)
another video of a wrestlers father getting in on the match.  It would have been ironic if the father caused his own sons neck to snap when he pounced the kid holding him down.

comments: 66
published: 2007-03-22
rated: 3 (18 votes)
You just got knocked the fuck out

comments: 236
published: 2007-03-21
rated: 4.16 (70 votes)
some dude got cut in half when his hatch back lost in a game of chicken with a truck.

comments: 221
published: 2007-03-21
rated: 3.91 (23 votes)
Brazilian women in thongs get into a brawl during a beauty pageant.

comments: 105
published: 2007-03-20
rated: 3 (25 votes)
Here\'s a photo of Cameron Diaz\'s ass hole devouring her bathing suit.  A thin suit + water + loose asshole = vacuum seal & see-through action.

comments: 88
published: 2007-03-20
rated: 2.67 (24 votes)
some dude bangs a whale of a woman.

comments: 184
published: 2007-03-19
rated: 2.57 (53 votes)
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