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Hoover's SFW video picks!

Hey UJ Regulars... a friend of the site recorded these songs with former G&R guitarist - LISTEN BELOW!

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UselessJunk.com - damn good videos!

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WTF Porn Rage - girl gets beaten on porn set

Holy shitballs! someone needs to fuck these two assholes up in a big way. I do not speak Japanese, but I am pretty sure she wanted to GTFO of there! Nice touch kicking girl in the head while she has a cock in her mouth... wish she bit his needle dick off!

Premature Ejaculation Three Times Porn FAIL

LOL, this dude is going to need to hook into an IV drip to replenish the lost fluids expelled during this handjob porn shoot. It's kind of refreshing to see someone toss their sauce about as fast as I would in the same situation!

nude girls flashing golfers from fairway pool deck

I would shank a long iron straight into their backyard and then play it where she lies! the ladies could grip my shaft as I drive it in the hole after I spray my balls all over the back nine!

LOL cumshot celebration dance WTF Video

LOL... GREATEST CUMSHOT TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATION DANCE EVER! If I got to bang these two girls... I would be touchdown dancing too! Back-story... jack is the girls stepfather. Mom is out of town, and the girls did not want to sleep, so Jack partied with them.

I think she got her brains fucked out

Ya know the term FUCK HER BRAINS OUT... this is what we talking about! Cock went in her ass, and brain function shut down. LOL

Leaked Fear Factor Donkey Semen Challenge VIDEO

FINALLY - here is the real video of the donkey semen and donkey urine drinking challenge on Fear Factor. this episode was obviously banned in the US and never aired. The chicks who did this are really hot... seem like nice girls!

Girlfriend fucks wine bottle in grocery store

Damn... I love this slutty whore girlfriend! Crazy sexy slut fucks a wine bottle in the middle of a grocery store and then puts it back on the shelf. I would love to see the housewife that came along after her and put that in her cart, LOL!

she shoots yogurt from her vagina

damn baby, impressive trick - now clean yo shit up! eating yogurt is good for eliminating yeast infections, but filling your pussy with it - not sure about that. Seems like a nice girl though!

girl with daddy issues beats self with frying pan

Wow... sexy girl on her webcam beats her self with a frying pan and spatula! she hits her self hard too! she seems to have some major issues, but would be the best damn one night stand on the planet... complete with a Wolfgang Puck impression stamp across her ass!

WTF naked teen high on drugs bouncing off walls

Ok... WTF kind of drugs is this chick on, and where can I get some? She is jumping around her room naked like a total retard. I love her for it, but she seems like the type that could grab a knife and slash your dick off while you sleep.

tit flashing webcam girl busted by hotel manager

LOL... Her name is Agent_99 and she got totally cold busted flashing her tits in the lobby of a hotel. Best part... the manager is a fan of MFC and knew exactly what she was doing!

LOL - champagne cork pops inside her pussy

LOL, this camgirl was riding a champagne bottle when the cork popped inside her pussy. She was careful to remove the foil wrapper, but took the risk of riding a bottle under pressure. LOL!

cumshot freak-out porn FAIL

looks like holy water being tossed on the devil! Honey, you just fucked up the money shot! gonna take a gander that porn might not be a good career choice for you.

Nerd from Project X movie pre-fame PORN surfaces

Doh... homeboy never thought he would be famous! Jonathan Daniel Brown who plays JB in the Project X movie did some amateur porn for BangBros Fuck Team Five porn site. He banged 3 Nerd Hunting hot chicks in the bang bus as they fed him french fries. LOL!

Tiffany Six middle school teacher porn video

time for a parent teacher conference! The blonde is Stacie Halas - AKA Tiffany Six starring in a porn video. She is a middle school teacher who is a porn star on her days off. Where were this hot sex starved teachers when I was in school? Teacher of the decade right there!

surfer walks up on teen Sandy lesbian beach sex

LOL, a group of surfers in Hawaii walked up on Teen Sandy and a friend having some girl on girl lesbian beach sex. I think this haole was ready to get in on the action - or certainly get a closer look. LOL - mahalo ladies!

LOL PORN angry bukkake girl screams at everyone

LOL... she hates the cum, she hates bukkake, she hates the producer... This is pure comedy gold! Not sure if we can call this a PORN FAIL. Maybe it just need to be filed under some good old fashioned LOL Porn.

Teen girl violently abused in extreme gang PORN

Yo man, this is one of the most violent porn videos I've ever seen. Cody Lane is only 19 years old and got her ass royally beaten by 3 assholes who gang fucked her. When she agreed to this porn shoot, she pretty much agreed to a legal violent gang rape. WTF!

Stoners having Happy Fun amateur sex

these two sure know how to have a good time. they are total retards and completely stoned, but she LOLd when he shot a surprise load in her mouth, and thought it was funny when he tried to jam his dick in her backdoor. The perfect first date fuck buddy kind of girl!

passed out with cock down throat porn FAIL

she seemed like such a nice girl, but she got throat fucked so hard and so deep that poor girl passed out. A few slaps seemed to help bring her back to planet earth. She should tap-out next time!

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