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Hoover's SFW video picks!

Hey UJ Regulars... a friend of the site recorded these songs with former G&R guitarist - LISTEN BELOW!

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UselessJunk.com - damn good videos!

if you only watch one video, then leave - I will hunt you down!
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WTF Amateur Porn of the day THE BOSS

She is the boss! At what point does the topic of this kind of kinky sex enter into a relationship? During the day, this guy is probably the boss of a group of you out there. Some strange and crazy motherfuckers in this world!

a-hole of the year award goes to guy hauling ass

Oh man... makes me want to rage! why would someone drag a donkey behind a moving vehicle? Fine... you are drunk and forgot he was there, but when cars rolling past are screaming to stop, you might want to check it out. I demand equal justice be served!

Meanwhile In Russia - Sex On Motorcycle On Highway

Hell YEAH... anything goes in Russia. Russians + Digital Cameras seriously makes the world a more entertaining existance. This crazy bastard on a motorcycle is banging some slut while driving down the highway. Looks like a road rage brawl is about to spawn from the stunt.

how about some Happy Fun WTF PORN

not a lot of words can be used to sum this one up. totally stumped! The Internets never cease to surprise me. Enjoy this happy fun WTF little porn stump clip.

Selena Gomez evil twin flash tits for passing cars

Wow, she looks a whole lot like Selena Gomez. This chick is topless covered only by a towel, and seems to be having a lot of fun after being dared to flash her boobs at passing cars. Funny that she knows most of the people who just drove past and saw her topless.

dumb blonde ruins the money shot WTF

What a dumbass... all you have to do is sit there and get some man-sauce sprayed all over your face. This idiot should watch some porn before acting in some homegrown amateur porn. She covers her eyes with her fingers to protect her face while ruining the money-shot!

porn career ended in bang bus sex accident

OH SNAP... this is how you end a career in porn in 2 very brief but extremely painful seconds. I can barely watch this video... it hits way too close to home.

drunk girl passed out facial

never a good idea to film a porn video on New Years Eve with a binge drinking slut with daddy issues. This girl is so drunk that she passed out just before the money shot. She got her facial anyway - and without a doubt, she will not remember this one! File under PORN FAIL - PORN BLOOPER

ARMY hazing - Icy Hot masturbation causes cadet rage

Probably not the smartest idea to seek out the biggest ARMY recruit for an Icy Hot prank. Homeboys fellow recruits swapped out his hand lotion for Icy Hot, and pretty much lit this dudes balls on fire when he tried to rub one out. Payback gonna be a bitch - lock your doors fellas... a Blanket Party is coming tonight!

WTF Bizarre Midget Porn

What the hell is going on here? I promise that this will be the most bizarre WTF thing you see all day! Words simply will not do this WTF bizarre midget porn any justice, so just watch it and see for yourself.

gangbang fist fight porn FAIL

nothing short of tragic that the video is not longer! I love Russian porn, they always take it to the next level with real fights, real drinking and all kinds of porn FAIL! Notice how quickly the dude got his dick our of her mouth... clearly a fear of the choppers being clamped down!

girl goes into rage mode after ghetto porn shoot

she been disrespected - and goes into some ghetto rage mode. Brian Pumper seems pretty calm until he picked the bitch up and body-slammed her. Everyone has their breaking point... even when it comes to whores who bang millionaires!

sexy amateur wife shoves fishing pole up her ass

Hell yeah! this sexy little wife can party on my boat anytime! I would pay cash to see a marlin grab that line and drag her naked kinky ass right into the water. Good times guaranteed with this babe!

LOL - she has a vagina on the back of her neck

during a routine examination this doctor discovers that this woman has a vagina on the back of her neck... so like any good doctor, he grabs her by the head and fucks her hard until his cock busts out of her face. Good times were had by all when she lost her virginity.

drunk chick masturbating in pile of own puke

this sexy whore knows how to party! this hottie is blasted out of her mind drunk and while half-passed out started masturbating in a pile of her own vomit. someone needs to pull those pants off of her so she can get exactly what she wants!

WTF Porn Rage - girl gets beaten on porn set

Holy shitballs! someone needs to fuck these two assholes up in a big way. I do not speak Japanese, but I am pretty sure she wanted to GTFO of there! Nice touch kicking girl in the head while she has a cock in her mouth... wish she bit his needle dick off!

Premature Ejaculation Three Times Porn FAIL

LOL, this dude is going to need to hook into an IV drip to replenish the lost fluids expelled during this handjob porn shoot. It's kind of refreshing to see someone toss their sauce about as fast as I would in the same situation!

nude girls flashing golfers from fairway pool deck

I would shank a long iron straight into their backyard and then play it where she lies! the ladies could grip my shaft as I drive it in the hole after I spray my balls all over the back nine!

LOL cumshot celebration dance WTF Video

LOL... GREATEST CUMSHOT TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATION DANCE EVER! If I got to bang these two girls... I would be touchdown dancing too! Back-story... jack is the girls stepfather. Mom is out of town, and the girls did not want to sleep, so Jack partied with them.

I think she got her brains fucked out

Ya know the term FUCK HER BRAINS OUT... this is what we talking about! Cock went in her ass, and brain function shut down. LOL

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