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Hoover's SFW video picks!

Hey UJ Regulars... a friend of the site recorded these songs with former G&R guitarist - LISTEN BELOW!

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Auto-Anal if it Fits I Sits

you gonna hate because you cant play! LOL - this is one hell of a way to get yoself a broke dick! Forever alone.

Funny rogue cumshot premature ejaculation FAIL

Ok.. this bitch is so hot, I can understand how homeboy lost focus and blasted himself in the face with his own mansauce. We will laugh at you, but you were the one plowing that pussy... BRAVO JACKASS!

Bullied girl stripped naked and beaten WTF

Wow... they take bullying to a whole different level in Japan. This girl even turned on herself and slapped her on face a few times. Crazy shit! Maybe it was some sort of gang initiation because she did not seem to fight back or try to GTFO. Crazy

cute amateur girl EXTREMELY excited facial

Ok... she not playin! this sexy babe loves the man sauce on her face! I would have tipped the dirty girl 3 tokens for that type of sexy little performance.

WTF we have a SPITTER

bitch gonna get her ass kicked for this bullshit! thanks for sucking my dick and taking a mouthful of my man sauce, but that was a gift for you. Very disrespectful and rude not to swallow it honey. Shennanigans like this can get you five across the eyes!

Kagney preps for Porn Shoot playing NAKED Wii

Damn, Kagney is so fine! she is sexy as hell, loves video games, has huge titties... and we know she can fuck like crazy, but can she cook? My friends, I think we may have found the perfect woman!

First Time Anal might be Last Time Anal

this college girl should be off to college looking for a sugar-daddy to marry... not getting plowed in the ass from a fake casting-couch director. She did not enjoy the first time anal, and looked like she was gonna hurl after the Ass To Mouth ATM.

WTF nude beer pong - ping pong pussy shooter

Like any good ping pong ball-slinging paddle, she has a rough textured underside... you know, for those times when you need to put a little extra action on that ball. I think I will take a pass on swigging some beer after her anal nubs have joined the party.

When the Bukkake party takes an awkward turn

As if 8 guys jerking off in a circle was not awkward enough already, when you invite bitchin man-sweater guy and the snaggle-tooth psycho to the party, things are gonna be a bit stranger than normal. The slutty little bitch is pretty hot though.

Daughter walks in on mom getting GANG FUCKED

DOH... mom was whoring it up like and good MILF should, but it looks like her daughter came home early and walked in on mom getting gang fucked. BUSTED! this one should leave some emotional scars... now go cut yourself honey.

taking a cumshot LIKE A LOHAN

if it is white... it must be snorted. this is one clever way to get the man-sauce past the gag reflex!

oops... old man drops load in hot teen - said it was an accident

this dude drops his load inside this 18 year old hottie and puts on a show explaining how it was an accident. don't get me wrong... I would probably bust my nut in 30 seconds too, but when I drop it inside the cum dumpster it ain't no accident. It never is. She didn't seem too upset about it and was just happy to get her $75 for the quickie.

mom catches drunk teen daughter masturbating on webcam

Now this is a bit of an awkward moment between a mother and daughter. her sweet little angel is going to have some explaining to do... masturbating for a dude on the Internet while drunk and naked - with the door unlocked! LOL, SO BUSTED!

Drunk passed out girl groped at the club

If this is taking place in Russia, we are watching an average Friday night first date. Anywhere else in the world, this might be considered Felony 1 territory.

SFW LOL Dogs humping on girls COMPILATION

Funny compilation of dogs getting really happy with their female owners. Fear not... it is still SFW, and just some good funny youtube footage mashed into one compilation.

Drunk naked raver girl arrested at festival

Boo on security! this was a victimless crime! Happy fun drunk girl was blasted out of her mind and wanted to get out of them restrictive clothes. She was no beauty queen, but dammit, she was about to be totally naked whoring it up for plenty of happy spectators.

Actress Kristen Stewart giving double handjob

Eat shit Robert Pattinson, your slutty little Kristen Stewart girlfriend has her hands full of cock in this MMF double team Road Sex Double Handjob. I have never seen her more comfortable and natural in a role. she has some nice A-Cup titties too!

Sexy Teen Babe ANAL Star Wars Lightsaber

the force is strong with this sexy webcam girl and her dark side got some saber probing. she is a keeper!

The Hulk Hogan SEX TAPE with Heather Clem

Heather Clem is the hottie in this video having sex with Hulk Hogan. Very hard to tell how hot she is because the video quality is so shitty and the video is edited so much that the good stuff is clearly cut out... so just think of this as a teaser to a better video coming soon.

Casino security catches SLUT-machine blowjob

Jackpot! talk about inserting some tokens in that slut machine! Remember people... security cameras are EVERYWHERE in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas never stays in Vegas!

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