Melissa Midwest Fucks Brooke Skye

Damn! Bubba The Love Sponge got Melissa Midwest to bang Brooke Skye with a huge dildo live on the air. Melissa & Brooke are both good friends of
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- 2006-06-20 (reply)  those are two of the hottest porn chicks on the net. this is a good find.
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  Excellent....I am first...smell my finger....thank you for reading this. Feel free to reply.
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  i am crying man so sad.
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  yess im last
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  wheres the hour long footage
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  I wish that dildo was my dick.
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  That is a joke, so not hot... especially with that fat fuck right there with the mic. What a waste of 2 fine pieces of ass.
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  Bubba is gay for Howard. O&A Party Rock! The TRUE Pioneers of Satellite Radio. XM202.
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  i would have peeed on them
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  so awesome
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  ^so queer. RAPEAGE.
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  Why do they end the clip just as soon as the actual penetration starts? Is there somewhere that we can actually watch the entire clip?
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  ^you don\'t really want to see that clip do you? what you relly want is to beat up on your little pee-pee while watching pre-op tranny porn, isn\'t that right? it is. you\'re a ladyboy luvah. RAPE
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  sucks
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  HELLO I AM HOOVER
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  It appears as though Melissa has completely lost her ass.
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  \'\'so awesome\'\' man,get a fucking life!
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  that was hot until that fat fuck took up most of the camera. XM202
- 2006-06-20 (reply)  it\'s worse than ever before in history. you cildren honestly don\'t stand a chance.
angrydrunk - 2006-06-21 (reply)  Has anyone ever seen Brooke Skye with a man? Gee, lesbians fucking dildos, that hasn\'t been done before. \"And Ba-Ba-Booey to ya\' all.\" asswipe SAYS WHAT? Exactly..... Howard Stern RULES!
- 2006-06-21 (reply)  I\'m a 21 year old female and i\'ve always be a little curious about being with another girl, this just makes me so fucking hot.
shot_caller_247 - 2006-06-21 (reply)  Very good find. Hopefully they\'ll make another video.
- 2006-06-21 (reply)  hey 21 bit of advice get a haircut buisness in the front party in the back all of your wildest dreams will come true
- 2006-06-21 (reply)  Brooke Skye has been with a man before, i have a movie with her and some other girl fucking a guy.
- 2006-06-21 (reply)  So yes she\'s been with a guy, brooke skye
- 2006-06-21 (reply)  I want to be hoover. these chicks send him videos saying they love him. life is not fair.
mexicano - 2006-06-21 (reply)  ajuuuuuuuuaaaa
- 2006-06-21 (reply)  Todd\'s a cunt...O & A Party Rock!!!
- 2006-06-22 (reply)  boring.
- 2006-06-22 (reply)  Here\'s the dealll......
- 2006-06-23 (reply)  SO GAY big deal its a big dildo she diditn even go down 4 inches on it stupid fagot howard stearn dam little jew boy and why would you even want to listen to this i mean come on not like you can see w
Monsterrod - 2006-06-25 (reply)  This guy sucks.
- 2006-06-29 (reply)  That was soo fucking hott...and im a straight girl!
- 2006-07-04 (reply)  I was just getting ready to shoot when the clip ended!! Dammit... REPLAY!!!!!!!
- 2006-07-04 (reply)  Well, the if the fat guy would shut up it would be better. I DID manage to shoot my load all over the place though!
- 2006-07-04 (reply)  If the fat guy would shut the fuck up it would be better. I DID manage to stroke out a HUGE load though... all over the place!!
- 2006-07-15 (reply)  wtf dam the guy who put this up i agree why cut it short when the penetration starts.
- 2006-09-08 (reply)  That fat guy he is like put it and he don\'t get it that when it\'s tight we can\'t really put it in it hurts badly.......and u guys can see brooke skye telling him that she can\'t and he is like forc
- 2006-11-30 (reply)  wqr
- 2006-12-13 (reply)  i love this girls i cum looking this video 3 times and it\'s crazyy yess againn
- 2007-05-27 (reply)  any full version movie? I want!
- 2007-06-15 (reply)  I live in Lincoln, NE and I can tell you firsthand that That skank Melissa Ain\'t shit. The bitch is tore up.
- 2007-08-17 (reply)  can this vid be downloaded any where? full?
- 2007-11-09 (reply)  Hey brooke if ur interested come ill fuck u when ever you want send me an email i will pay to bang yuor cunt
- 2008-07-06 (reply)  brook skye started that stupid lawsuit at bubba because shes a money grubbing whore.
- 2008-11-10 (reply)  lame
- 2008-11-11 (reply)  I couldnt make it till the end without spraying my load!
- 2008-11-12 (reply)  Bubba The Love Sponge, Got sued by that whore.said she was forced to do it,Fuck Her and Melissa Midwest. preplanned extortion.fuckin whore
- 2008-11-12 (reply)  Bubba Army!! Kicks ass.BabaBooey to you all
- 2008-12-04 (reply)  2006-06-21- anonymous said: Brooke Skye has been with a man before, i have a movie with her and some other girl fucking a guy. Where can I find it? ;P
- 2008-12-07 (reply)  Wow! This must have been real great radio. Bubba is a no-talent fat hack.
- 2009-04-18 (reply)  those two are hot? i was waiting for the hot girls to show up. Nothing but no ass skinny bitches.
- 2009-05-07 (reply)  stupid
- 2009-05-07 (reply)  I can smell the stank from here
- 2009-05-07 (reply)  BUBBA ARMY! BUBBA ARMY!
halfofamericasucks - 2009-05-07 (reply)  2 messed up little girls prob abused as kids and a bunch of moronic fat headed radio 'personalities' is this what youre proud of america?what a fucking joke.
tom osborn - 2009-05-07 (reply)  mellissa got a infuction from fucking a corn stalk
- 2009-05-07 (reply)  these two chicks were actually honor students in hgigh school until a couple of niggers fucked them and scarred them for life,. now look what theyve become. filthy whores
- 2009-05-07 (reply)  Bubba got sued over this
- 2009-05-07 (reply)  yep tore her pussy up she says
- 2009-05-07 (reply)  yea
BubbaTheLoveSponge - 2009-05-07 (reply)  I really wanted that dildo up my ass but Spice Boy said no, wait till tonight for I can give you my 3 incher.
- 2009-05-09 (reply)  BUBBA ARMY BITCHES
hotdog - 2009-05-10 (reply)  what a waste of bandwith
dubious - 2009-05-11 (reply)  she's shallow in more ways than one....
bo peleni - 2009-05-12 (reply)  mellisa sucked my big red weeni
fung gol - 2009-05-16 (reply)  HI Mom, Just met a girl names Brooke Skye, really awesome girl, can't wait until you meet her. She really good looking, funny, vert smart...oh did I mention shes a whore?
- 2009-05-22 (reply)  bubba the douche. hi, i am 15 he is so funny !!!!
- 2009-05-23 (reply)  THAT WAS BAD
seriously? - 2009-06-19 (reply)  how the fuck did brooke skye sue over this, when she was clearly a willing participant?
anonymous - 2010-05-07 (reply)  Hey, the video of Brooke with a man and another girl was Brooke Skye with Jenni Lee. Just search Brooke Skye on cliphunter's streams.
f - 2011-01-08 (reply)  d
bogis - 2011-03-18 (reply)  hot
- 2011-05-23 (reply)  I hate niggers too, guys.
nickname - 2013-01-29 (reply)  -1'

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