Sindee Jennings Porn Blooper - Projectile Vomit

Sindee Jennings loses her lunch in the middle of a porn shoot. She starts vomiting uncontrollably. I thought it kind of ironic to see her puking in a bag with a Ralph's logo on it.
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- 2007-03-19 (reply)  first yeah
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  holy shit I am first that was me
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  this all me man. you guys are slow
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  this all me man. you guys are slow
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  why are you all so slow?
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  how come sparkling wiggles always drive slow in the fast lane and will not get out of your way?
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  That was fucking awesome. I would be really pissed off if that bitch tossed chunks on my carpet though!
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  First to see this sick bitch.
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  that cum-wad must have hit the back of her throat and STUCK!
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  Party til you puke!!
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  I would have kept fucking her in the mouth, then I would have made her lick it up like a dog.
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  hahahaha \"What did you eat?\" \" I\'m pregnet\" ... what a dumb slut
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  hahahaha \"What did you eat?\" \" I\'m pregnet\" ... what a dumb slut
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  ...we are just so proud of our little girl, she\'s a star ya know -Mom&Dad
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  lol i love the guy laughing
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  How funny, no one to be seen! Everybody bailed on her! Nobody wanted to help, get near her! Show your baby this video, too. It\'ll be so proud! \"This is mommy with you in my tummy\" WHORE!!!
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  They had the potential to make a whole different kind of porn video and they blew it! Or, she blew it, then she blew!
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  That guy laughing is pure Evil. That poor girl is in the most shitty place anyone could be in and he is just laughing his ass off.
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  The part where the girl pukes was HOOOTTTTT!!!!
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  If only she had spewed diarrhea at the same time! Even the crew is gagging in the background!
- 2007-03-19 (reply)  I like how that dumb fuck keeps wacking his pole as if she would just go back to eating man-naise after spewing like a Mt. St. Helen.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I love the RALPHS bag LOL
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I love it when the director tells the dude to put his dick in her mouth so they can finish the shot... SWEET!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I like the part where she\'s making her baby proud of mommy
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  A Ralph\'s grocery bag, how appropriate. Remember that she\'s someone\'s daughter.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I\'M SORRY!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  They should send this video to her parents and just show the \"Im sorry\" at the end, over and over.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  Nice to see the rest of the crew so sympathetic, suddenly she doesn\'t look sexy at all
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  FIRST!!!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  SECOND
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  THIRD
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  FOURTH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  FIFTH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  SIXTH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  SEVENTH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  EIGHTH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  NINTH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  TENTH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  ELEVENTH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  TWELVTH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  that sparklin wiggle shit has to stop---im in detroit--come to me with that sparklin wiggle shit- that is so ignorant--barely funny!!1!!thats sad there teaching there young kid to even say that. get a
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  Wipe the pregnant bitch off, we need to finish the shot! Hey Frank, go put your dick in her mouth!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  Typical \"Cracker Trailerpark Ho\" you need a Bro\'s dick in your mouth BITCH............
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  the chick is preggers and she is gettin banged by other dudes for money. that white bitch is nasty! where\'s the class and morality for her self and child? sad, sad, sad...
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  hahashe\'s puking in front of like 5 people completely naked into a bag after getting rancid cum in her mouth while being pregnant.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  haha her life is spiraling out of control.....!!!!!!!!! naked in front of everyone puking and regnant with jizz all over her AHHAHAHAA
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I\'m sorry, I need money to take care of this crack baby!!! I\'m so sorry, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  You will DIE a vile and pathetic death, fag, who did the 1-12 thing. Karma is real, and soon U will know.
latino - 2007-03-20 (reply)  No pussy? Then fuck off!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  ^^ That\'s because the camera wasn\'t on your MADRE, U spic-ass, illegal immigrant, landscaping, over-breeding, border crosser!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  Was that an oral Orgasm?
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  must\'ve been supersperm
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I like it when she says she is sorry...
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I love dirty whores like this one.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  That will kill an erection. Next.
JA - 2007-03-20 (reply)  \"onions? what is that? OHHH! ONION RINGS!\" LMAO hahahahaha
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  If some dude shot his load in my mouth, then I too would puke uncontrollably.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  This Cum Tastes Like Shit! Ralph...............................
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  i am crying man so sad.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  they are going to beat her now.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  What a fucking pathetic little slut, she can\'t even swallow or taste the man goo. What the fuck is wrong with this stupid fucking ass hoe? I would choke her and make her puke more all over my dick! :
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I would just like to say it is not ok,
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I like the part where in between pukes she sayinng \"I\'m sorry\"
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  Who\'s that stupid fuck who keeps on laughing, can\'t someone please bitch slap that asshole.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  For a tiny slut she sure had a lot of puke
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  For a tiny slut she sure had a lot of puke
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  CUT!! CUT!!! We have too much money tied up in production; we can\'r stop now. Get the understudy! You! Zach Morris! Get in there and start sucking dick!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  Maybe she should puke more and lose that baby fat!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  That was horrible....she must have \"eaten\" somebody that didn\'t agree with her..and for it to go on so long..Lord have Mercy!! She was Ralphing every Tom, Harry and Dick she sucked the last month!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  Gee! She shoulda had a V-8!!!!!
OrigionalLastnFirstNingaSuperWinnerThank - 2007-03-20 (reply)  {ฏ`•._.:*จจ*:•..•:ฆ:-•:*\'\"\"*:•.-:ฆ:-•* I\'m the Origional LAST & FIRST NINGA Super Winner !!*•-:ฆ:-•:*\'\'\'\'\'*:•-:ฆ:-•*Thanks!!*•-:ฆ:-•:* PKS. *จจ*:•..•:*จจ*:• I\'m a lover and a leader. Peace.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  ^^ Then you must be thanking me, because, I, too, HATE YOU, Ninga Fag! Your insescent ramblings and nonsense is boring and retarded. Go away, you space taking piece of shit.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  She\'s banging this fuck w/ no condom, she\'ll be on Maury asking, \"Who\'s my baby\'s daddy?\"
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  who is this chcik below who is always playing with her tits? She posts her juggling tits on every comment board
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  one of the guys should\'ve let himself been vomitted on and they would\'ve conquered the asian market.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  WTF do I have to do to get first???
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  WAIT!!!! THE BITCH SAID SHE\'S PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!! DIRTY DIRTY WHITE BITCHES!
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  there are onions in onion rings?
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  I feel really sorry form her.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  dumb whore
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  bluu! \"I\'m so Sorry!\" hahahahaha....a new low. She has this look on her face that says O GOD PLEASE DON\'T FIRE ME! hahaha...desperate trash.
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  Is this an advertisement for Ralphs??
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  She was getting fucked and when she turned round for the cum shot she suddenlt realised she was actually letting a sparkling wiggle hump her - no fucking wonder she started spewing chunks- Gary Ginger
- 2007-03-20 (reply)  white trash america at its omg u guys r pathetic...
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  I know that bitch...her name is Victoria Aguirre and she normally gives excellent head. Well...when she blew me anyway...
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  Check-out the loser with the paper towel. \"And what job do you do you fat fuck?\" \"Oh, I\'m the paper towel boy for when the crack whore\'s stomach or anus finally gives up all the jiz.\"
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  I suppose after the camera turns off they beat the crap out of her for wasting time, then run the cameras again while working over and in her ass
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  ^^ GO TO HELL! No one cares what you think! That\'s my reply, enjoy.
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  all you guys on this site make me laugh you guys are fucking hilarious
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  i\'d hit it
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  I was waiting for her to puck up a nigglet.
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  Is this Bitch going to Die
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  69 ANYONE????
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  is it wrong that I am turned on by the vomiting bitch?
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  right... \"I\'m pregnant\"... wonder what her kid will say in a few years when he/she sees this tape of mommy doing hardcore porn.
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  nasty white bitch
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  nasty white bitch
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  Making porn while pregnant. She\'ll be voted mom of the year someday.
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  now this video is AWESOME, no special effects here! :)
- 2007-03-22 (reply)  hell yeah this shit is hott degrading dumb bitches is what i do i want to make a bitch puke on my dick right now-a horny american
- 2007-03-22 (reply)
Zack Morris - 2007-03-22 (reply)  white boys are you proud of this?
- 2007-03-22 (reply)  Hell, this video actually makes me think porn is demeaning. Ugly little chick with her belly roll puking in a bag on a cheap carpet. Hands filled with paper towels and her own puke, she laughs as sh
- 2007-03-23 (reply)  Doing porn when you\'re pregnant! Now that\'s one desperate ho! Judging from the size of her belly, I figure she\'s 3 months along. After watching that, I no longer feel sorry for these broads. Th
- 2007-03-23 (reply)  Pregnet women need love too..............
- 2007-03-23 (reply)  \"Put some fake cum in her mouth. I need to finish the shot\" Fake cum! I knew it. My day has been ruined.
- 2007-03-23 (reply)  He shoulda ate some more pineapples before the scene to improve the taste :P.
- 2007-03-24 (reply)  that is the funniest thing ever, and the camera guy is goin crazy
- 2007-03-24 (reply)  cumshot + naked chick + barf = pure comic gold
- 2007-03-24 (reply)  Where the fuck do all you moral police get off by yellin whore and slut etc....If you are so fuckin high and mighty, why are you watching this vid? Go suck yourself a penis you do gooders
- 2007-03-24 (reply)  She will have the baby in a the bathroom of a Mc Donald\'s and throw it in the trashcan behind the restaurant . Doing porno while pregnant is a NICE WAY TO RESPECT YOUR CHILD STUPID BITCH. Look at h
- 2007-03-24 (reply)  She will have the baby in a the bathroom of a Mc Donald\'s and throw it in the trashcan behind the restaurant . Doing porno while pregnant is a NICE WAY TO RESPECT YOUR CHILD STUPID BITCH. Look at h
- 2007-03-29 (reply)  god...who cares if someone is first.....What an accomplishment....fucking losers...
- 2007-03-29 (reply)  Does she know if shes pregnant?
- 2007-04-07 (reply)  Love the Ralphs bag...
- 2007-04-24 (reply)  Was I the only one that heard this chick say that she\'s pregnant towards the end of the video? Thats skantless...
- 2007-05-01 (reply) guys sound like in the closet gay guys!! lol...
- 2007-05-24 (reply)  Guess not all white girls like swallowing!
- 2007-05-27 (reply)  SHES HELLA NASTY!!
- 2007-07-13 (reply)  that was gross
- 2007-07-14 (reply)  dont let girlfrend/wife see this byebye head
- 2007-07-29 (reply)  What\'s with all these \"FIRST\" thing? Don\'t you have anything to do that you just wait for videos to come and post \"first\"? Have a life!
- 2007-08-27 (reply)  puke
- 2007-09-05 (reply)  she was apologizing to the pitential fathers of her baby. EARL, im sorry. HUGH, im sorry. RALPH, im sorry.....onion rings? im sorry.
- 2007-10-09 (reply)  Fuck all of you that talk shit on her. Do you think anybody wants to be in this situation? This is my fucking friend you\'re talking about asshole... and why is this even online? That\'s really fuc
- 2007-10-28 (reply)  I don\'t know whats more wrong, her doing a porno while she\'s pregnant or that the guy is enjoying watching her puke!!!
- 2007-11-05 (reply)  Vomiting
- 2007-12-01 (reply)  \"He said his name is Ralph. man\"
- 2007-12-18 (reply)  puking girls are effing great
- 2007-12-18 (reply)  puking girls are effing great
- 2008-01-17 (reply)  Sindee Jennings
- 2008-10-22 (reply)  Fukin Funny LOL
- 2009-01-06 (reply)  Sindee Jennings a pregnant puking pothead porn whore. TRASH!!
- 2009-02-12 (reply)  I came
amanda - 2009-03-05 (reply)  sex me up
Funnyass - 2009-03-15 (reply)  Wow!!I wonder what porn moive is that!
- 2009-05-24 (reply)  yum
ralphs - 2009-05-24 (reply)  anyone else find it ironic that she was ralphing into a ralph's bag?
- 2009-05-24 (reply)  that was perfect
- 2009-05-24 (reply)  she said im pregnant !!
- 2009-05-25 (reply)  the absolute hight of embarasement :( poor girl
junk - 2009-05-25 (reply)  i want her to put a finger in my ass
fail - 2009-05-26 (reply)  epic uber fail
roflmao - 2009-05-26 (reply)  U kno that was pretty funny lol
- 2009-05-26 (reply)  what the fuck....
bludgeon213 - 2009-05-26 (reply)  awesome clip!
brick top - 2009-05-26 (reply)  she got a whiff of shit from her own ass.
- 2009-05-26 (reply)  zuahahaaa
- 2009-05-26 (reply)  haha,i love how she is so SORRY, haha, dumb. no one cares about her, shes pregnant, by her self puking and no one hardly even helps, and shes sorry, someone mind fucked her and guys are still mind
- 2009-05-26 (reply)  that little fuck pig has the swine flu
- 2009-05-27 (reply)  first
zeke - 2009-05-27 (reply)  sorry didn't mean to puke all over your cock
- 2009-05-27 (reply)  LOL Why would she try to catch it.
dgfd - 2009-05-27 (reply)  it's ok it's ok o my god that hell up u bastards that's not funny bloody ashoes
jdhu - 2009-05-27 (reply)  U.S.A U.S.A O say can I see by the white girls earlyh light what so proudly I see haahahah
scott - 2009-05-27 (reply)  any one want a shag am 7inch an love pussy am from uk sheffield tex 07516635390
JizzyJay - 2009-05-27 (reply)  OMG THAT SHIT WAS FUNNY XD LMFAO
niki - 2009-05-27 (reply)  im gone puke too -_-
- 2009-05-27 (reply)  this shit is wrong and believe me i'm gone see that this sight is looked into.
- 2009-05-27 (reply)  Porn is not a career choice anymore than living under a bridge is a real estate choice. This chick is clearly desperate to be fucking on camera when she is 3 months pregnant, and no matter how much al
oh shit - 2009-05-28 (reply)  that guys dick must have smelled like shit!!!!
- 2009-05-29 (reply)  (_(_)=================D~
- 2009-05-30 (reply)  Why don't they just stab her in the stomach to check she not got a monkey in there. She's obviously another nigger loving disease spreading whore.
- 2009-05-30 (reply)  I told you dude, drink pineapple juice
2930 - 2009-05-31 (reply)  Seconds 10-14 are priceless..."Im sorry..Im sorry" hahahahahahahahahahah
anon - 2009-06-01 (reply)  someday the bastard she refers to in this video will see this and go "yea, my mom puked on a dick when she was pregnant with me."
=D - 2009-06-04 (reply)  omg!!!!!!
=D - 2009-06-04 (reply)  omg!!!!!!
Nasty - 2009-06-05 (reply)  How very ironic they gave her a "Ralph's" grocery store bag to yak in. And then backed the hell away to laugh! NOICE! - 2009-06-05 (reply)  How many beers did she NOT have ?
- 2009-06-05 (reply)  Shes fucking prego!!! And shooting an un protected porno. What a stupid fucking bitch!!
j - 2009-06-10 (reply)  hot
gutslayer - 2009-06-21 (reply)  She said shes pregnant... too. this porns all over the map
crakahater - 2009-06-27 (reply)  thats what that trashy ass white craka bitch gets! white bitches are like and just think, that bitch was preg too!!
David - 2009-07-07 (reply)  That must have tasted really bad
gonzo - 2009-07-10 (reply)  i bet some people even like seeing her puke LMAO
doug - 2009-07-11 (reply)  make it stop, make it stop!!!
- 2009-07-12 (reply)  ew
digigeist - 2009-07-22 (reply)  i wanted to see her spew on his dick. hot spew dick!!
peter - 2009-07-23 (reply)  Thats my wife!!!
TGM - 2009-07-28 (reply)  Now clean the carpet, bitch.
- 2009-08-01 (reply)  gotta love first timers. once while i was filming, i had a girl fill a wal-mart bag half way when i blew it in her mouth
- 2009-08-02 (reply)  How'd she keep it going so long?
- 2009-08-04 (reply)  the plastic bag had ralph's on it lol
Haha - 2009-08-07 (reply)  If you can't handle it, don't let 'em spunk in your mouth.
EdDx - 2009-08-09 (reply)  "OMG! OMG!! HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG OMG!!!" im sorry "OMG OMG!! HAHAHHHHHHH"
Anon - 2009-08-14 (reply)  This is priceless. She is someones daughter and someones mother.
ummm. - 2009-08-30 (reply)  wtf.. are they just gonna stand there and watch or is anyone gonna get her medical attention? - I'm 100% positive this wouldn't be the first time an EMS crew has handled something like this... I'm on
budha - 2009-09-01 (reply)  hahahahahahahahahahhah
Roddan @ UDDEVALLA - 2009-09-08 (reply)  hahahaahhaa porn blooper
OMFGjesus - 2009-09-14 (reply)  speechless
- 2009-09-27 (reply)  vomit
C^-low - 2009-10-07 (reply)  lmfao fuckin histyrical
- 2009-10-26 (reply)  Ooziest Female Orgasms 2
- 2009-10-26 (reply)  vomit
- 2010-01-05 (reply)  horse
- 2010-01-22 (reply)  choke
- 2010-02-20 (reply)  poop
haha - 2010-04-06 (reply)  that nigga laughed
lolwolf - 2010-04-09 (reply)  i bet her parents are proud of her lil daughter ;)
- 2010-05-28 (reply)  vomit
Mr.Fucker - 2010-06-11 (reply)  how can a woman get so low?how can a human being get so low?god...may god have pity on her soul
- 2010-09-02 (reply)  Priceless, the guy even had a gag-reflex himself also *buuhääää* hahahaha.
- 2010-11-27 (reply)  She puked because someone said a nigger was next.
XXX21 - 2010-12-03 (reply)  Wow....anybody know what's the name of the original movie?
- 2010-12-15 (reply)  vomit
aj - 2011-01-21 (reply)  Hot! They should have never gave her the bag, it's sexier when she's just puking on her naked body. I can't wait until my gf gets morning sickness.
- 2011-01-21 (reply)  that's why before every bj you should only drink milk. I puke all the time during and after a facefuck, but it doesn't look gross, it just looks like cum.
fapper - 2011-06-21 (reply)  fap! fap! fap! fap!
Rivfader - 2011-06-23 (reply)  from what movie is this?
- 2011-07-27
you was just getin fucked now ur preg. lol that was quick
sicko - 2011-07-27 (reply)  The name on the bag is "Ralph's"!!!! Hell yeah!
Helen - 2011-08-19 (reply)  lol
danecross - 2011-08-24 (reply)  oh... ya. i've worked with her.. ~_~
DeeDee Granini - 2012-03-09 (reply)  I love skinny chicks with A-vcup titties. And a French accent. That being said, best ever commercial for Ralph's I've ever seen! BTW, first in 2012.
nickname - 2013-02-23 (reply)  comment' aNd '7'='7
nickname - 2013-02-23 (reply)  comment' aNd '7'='2

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