Porn Blooper- Cant Last 30 seconds!

Think you can make it in porn? This Dirk Diggler wannabe couldn't last 30 seconds during his first act.
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- 2007-01-29 (reply)  awesome!
- 2007-01-29 (reply)  wow!
- 2007-01-29 (reply)  Another 2 pump-chump!
- 2007-01-29 (reply)  zack morris faggot
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  YEAH, she was sooo trying not to laugh, dude looks at the camera like \"ummm\" im about done.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  GOOD STUFF!! SHE LOOKS TIGHT, I\'d BE DONE IN 10 seconds
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  What was that he was using? His Thumb
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  mine stays hard to, i aslways go back for seconds.. some people are just pussy ass niggas
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  does anyone know who the girl is? shes hottttttttttt
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  girl is hot as hell!!puss looks tight to fell kindda bad for the 2 pump chump tho wit a girl that hot and thats all he had for her what a bitch
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  what the hell did you just say?
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  wank video
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Phantom of UJ says: FIGORO FIGORO FIG FIG FA FA FA FE FE FO FAKE!!!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Rush Fan Site is Number
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Crappy cum shot too
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Honey, was it good for you too?
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  At least he shot her in the eye. Not all was lost!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  30 seconds!? The boy didn\'t last 20 STROKES. For the fuck of it I counted. He did 18 strokes. 20 if you count the two hand strokes it took for his \"money shot\".
Harry Paratesticles - 2007-01-30 (reply)  that chick is what we used to call a \"TPQ\" which stands for Two Pumps and a Quiver. She is definitely super hot, but that dude is fucking worthless as a porn actor.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  I love UJ!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  A little game you can play with your chick at home.....Its like that old game \"I can name that tune in \"x\" notes\" Make a game of how many pumps you think it will take you before you cum. It\'s a
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  this sums up why chicks like older men. we have money and know how to please them in the bed.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  the whole purpose of sex, porn, etc, is to bust a nut, he got his, if she didn\'t get hers Oh well
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  I think that was the last shoot of the day because nobody seemed that surprised
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  HE\'S GAY. SHE SHOULD HAVE LAUGHED AT HIM...
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  I\'d have blown it way quicker -b-
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Most of you wankers couldn\'t even get it up in front of a camera. That guy would probably be able to cum on that whore again in 30 seconds.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  She was trying not to Laugh. lol
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  You call that a cum shot? That\'s not a cum shot. THIS is a cum shot!!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  That was funny as hell, she about busted up laughing as he was busting his nut. And, why the fuck can\'t I log into the site with my user name? Hot as hell chick.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  i love how she was trying not to laugh at him!! So Sad....
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  The Cum shot was weak but it\'s not unheard of for the guys in porn to save up a few days of load, then cum after a minute or so on the set...that gives them a big load for the money shot. After that
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  WHO IS THAT GIRL??
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  She wasn\'t laughing at him, she was laughing about the load hitting her in the face...
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Yea somebody has to find out who that girl is.....In porn world she\'s a legit 10.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  She is so hot.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  DUDE SHOULD OF DRANK A 12 PACK. HE\'D STILL BE TRYIN\' TO BUST A NUT!!!!!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  he could have just switched positions you fags
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  FAKE, oh and FIRST!!! FAGS!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  maybe the pussy was just that good?
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  what\'s his name?????
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  MAN SHE LOOKS LIKE ALICIA SILVERSTONE!!!!!!!!!!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  do you see the guys hair, a country bumpkin
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  This bitch is fine, I\'d last 6 maybe 7 seconds
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  21 STROKES NOT BAD
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Watch her eyes after he pulls out. He shot her in the face with his cum, thats why she was laughing
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  oooh jesus i wish he cum it on me i am so horny and hot now signed zack (white boy) morris
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  i saw a smirk
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  HAHA she\'s laughing LOL
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  i love bald pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  lame.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  I think he shot his load on her face thats why she smiled. she fine don\'t understand why she\'s with that goof
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  she\'s going to be a dirty girl someday
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  she fucks for money... i\'m sure she\'s already dirty. this bitch is so hot that no one remember to say first lol
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  i like how she tried not to laugh.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  She tried not to laugh at is ass
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  first
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Ass bandits, for those of you who have never done porn... probably all of you, they had probably shot enough tape for editing, and that was him just going back in for the cum shot.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Gotta love the 8-second bullride...
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  now that was the most immature bantering ive ever seen..........
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  she got immature bantered............
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Look, she laughs at the end... which cums pretty fast!!!!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  when youre having sex with a chick and she starts laughing I\'d say its a bad sign
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  little dick white boy
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  ITS ZACK MORRIS!!!!!!!!!!!
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  i`ll last 40 secons... i promise
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  she\'s laughing because she got hit in the face with cum. she didn\'t expect that. That is some funny shit, but I think that one dude has it right, I think they were doing that for the shot, she thoug
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Who is she??
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  There was a much longer clip of this on N-filter. As others say, this is just the cum shot. And yes, she IS friggin\' hot.
- 2007-01-30 (reply)  Hahaha what a fucking loser. I\'m not saying I\'m a absolute fuck machine but seriously any one out of their teen years can last at least 10 minutes.
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  This babe is definitely very beautiful. I\'ll nver understand why pretty women, who aren\'t truck stop pretty, get involved with this kind of stuff. SHe could do so much more with herself, like marry
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  super greg NUMBER 1 !
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  If he had gone another 2 minutes, she would have had hers - just look at her face after, she wanted to laugh.
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  Ahhh I busted a nut before it was done loading
OrigionalLastnFirstNingaSuperWinnerThank - 2007-01-31 (reply)   -:¦:-•:*\'\"\"*:•.-:¦:-•< The amount of semen I would leave up her firebox would impregnate her. •.-:¦:-• Even if she has had her tubes cauterized my boys would morph into stem cells and repair the
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  it did get her in the eye,but i do think that was his whole scene...cuz i mean look at the look on dude\'s face....hes all like \"uh oh, not already, fuck\" lmao its funny as hell
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  what is N-filter, and who is she or where can I find her?
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  hahahahahah what a fag.
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  That\'s why virgins shouldn\'t do porn.
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  Definitely just the cum shot. He was looking at the camera saying, with the face that says, \"OK, ready?\" But she is fucking hot.
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  WHO IS SHE????!!
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  Does anybody know where this longer fuck clip is available with this cute and hot chick?
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  Many of these really cute and hot porn chicks come here from eastern europe, and don\'t really know any better than to get paid for porn. This one here looks kinda eastern european to me.....
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  What a total bitch. She should just be happy she got 8 pumps before he jizzed, I would have been done in 2 and then made her go out and brush the snow off my car before I left.
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  THE FAST BUT NOT FURIOUS
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  she has great tits, -- small but great anyway
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  zapraszam do polski... tam bym ta laske przerznal wzdluz i wszerz i by rto mi na pewno nie zajelo 30 sekund :D ... jest na prawde goraca.... a koles ma malego fiuta i sie spuscil po paru posunieciach
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  wieso hat sie nicht gepisst?
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  id have a hard time lasting with that fine ass girl moaning and squirming in front of me like that .. but that guy is just plain pathetic ..
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  wat a cunt!! haha hw cn tht bloke only b lastin bout 30 seconds i feel so sorry for the person hu had to pay to shoot this movie.... hardly worth the money lmao nd im surprised tht the girl didnt lau
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  boobs
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  quit acting like all you dorks are heros, everyones been there and done that at some point..
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  Who is she?
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  they are brother and sister... that\'s gross... you are sick fucks
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  i liked the part where he fucked his sister
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  she laughed beacuse he shot some cum into her face watch c l o s e l y
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  That guy has a nice ass
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  he needed a second round
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  i thought i was the only one with that problem....ha
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  shit, he didn\'t even get her nipples hard. lol
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  Someone has to know who this girl is. She is extremely hot!
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  \"this sums up why chicks like older men. we have money and know how to please them in the bed.\" - TRUE WORD!
- 2007-01-31 (reply)  lol i can\'t help but smile at the smirk she was trying to hold would have been great actually if it wasn\'t so fucking short hahaha
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  i know wats her name
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  The girl is hot, I love watching it over and over again.
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  she is hot thats the kind of lady you can do a 2nd and a 3rd time
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  that clip was so long, i came twice!
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  I looked already an NEWSFILTER:ORG and couldn\'t find the longer clip, did had anyone more luck? Could he post the name of the clip or the name of the girl?
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  i need at least 2 minutes of fucking to jerk off.
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  chek out the painted on eyebrows . you can park a mack truck in her pussy and not touch side\'s keep it real!!! bitch>s
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  CUT!
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO SHE IS???
- 2007-02-01 (reply)  good thing she wasn\'t getting payed by the hour
- 2007-02-02 (reply)  I could beat his time!!!!!!
- 2007-02-02 (reply)  He lasted longer than i did
- 2007-02-02 (reply)  yuslesyonk!!!
- 2007-02-02 (reply)  who is that girl
- 2007-02-02 (reply)  im mad she was laughing at him
- 2007-02-02 (reply)  She\'s hot but If I blew my wad that quick, I\'d feel bad and chew on her box to make up for it.
- 2007-02-02 (reply)   Im at a loss, holy fucking shit
- 2007-02-02 (reply)  who knows if he really lsted 30 seconds!!!! they could have fucked earlyer off tape!
- 2007-02-03 (reply)  o cmon 30s even i can hold on much longer
zack morris2 - 2007-02-03 (reply)  nice dick but short.....don\'t worry yall it will not happen again let me get him and we will go to my apartment......when he leaves he will became a man (wink)
- 2007-02-05 (reply)  this girl has make lot of cash for 30 seconds of job
- 2007-02-05 (reply)  someone find more of this girl!!!!!
- 2007-02-05 (reply)  more talent than he can handle
- 2007-02-05 (reply)  funny how she can\'t keep from laughing her ass off
- 2007-02-05 (reply)  what a fucking putz
- 2007-02-05 (reply)  she is tryn not 2 laugh
- 2007-02-05 (reply)  shes a fuckin babe i would bust in 10
- 2007-02-08 (reply)  FUCK THE CHEERLEADER...SAVE THE WORLD!!
- 2007-02-08 (reply)  No respect for the woman if you can\'t hold your fucking load. Especially one as god-gifted as her
- 2007-02-08 (reply)  that was funny she was tryibg so hard not to laugh
- 2007-02-09 (reply)  who is this chick?????????????????? i need more!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
- 2007-02-10 (reply)  Wish we could see more of this pair.
- 2007-02-10 (reply)  Wish we could see more of this pair.
- 2007-02-11 (reply)  who is this girl
- 2007-02-11 (reply)  poor guy.....i feel sad 4 his ass
- 2007-02-11 (reply)  He lasted about 29 seconds longer than I would have lasted with that fine honey. Also, I think that she was laughing in part, because she got hit in the face by his first shot.
- 2007-02-13 (reply)  she is so hot
- 2007-02-14 (reply)  who is to say that this wasnt the END of the video .. youre assuming its the beginning ..
- 2007-02-14 (reply)  Was probably a good game on TV. No time to wait !!!!!!
- 2007-02-14 (reply)  that was quick
- 2007-02-14 (reply)  The dude was like 17, when I was his age I would have lasted 5 seconds, but I would have did her like 8 times in a row. All together the total time would have been at least 60 seconds.
- 2007-02-15 (reply)  thats why you whack before you fuck. everyone knows that.
- 2007-02-16 (reply)  what an ass hole...
- 2007-02-16 (reply)  She\'s FINE. I wouldn\'t hold it against him at all if he\'d lasted only 2 minutes. But if I got the chance to have sex with someone who looked like that, I\'d probably have painted her whole stomac
- 2007-02-21 (reply)  I can do 3 hours
- 2007-02-23 (reply)  Shit if he\'d done her up the ass he\'d have been over and out in 5 seconds :) Uncle Stevie
- 2007-02-27 (reply)  anyone know who she is? shes very good looking and has to be in something better then this!
- 2007-03-01 (reply)  ummm, hate to beat and run, but....
- 2007-03-08 (reply)  the girl in this blooper is german thats all i know of her.
- 2007-03-08 (reply)  Fuck dude dont stop there stick it back in and have another go
- 2007-03-09 (reply)  This clip is thereputic... I feel so much better knowing someone is worse than I.... it reminds me of when i herad the avg penis size globally is 4.7inches.... mahahahahahaha
- 2007-03-10 (reply)  yeah, she seemed incredibly turned off
- 2007-03-16 (reply)  A mans worst fear...lmao
- 2007-03-17 (reply)  he got some pussy didn\'t he?
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  she tryed so hard not to laugh
- 2007-03-21 (reply)  hot chick needs a real man!
- 2007-03-30 (reply)  at least he got his... ha ha
- 2007-03-31 (reply)  Time to edit..
- 2007-03-31 (reply)  Time to edit..
- 2007-03-31 (reply)  she wanted to laugh
- 2007-03-31 (reply)  is it just me or was she seriously trying not to laugh!!!
- 2007-04-01 (reply)  thats suxz
- 2007-04-05 (reply)  yeah...I\'dda been done in 5 seconds LoL!
- 2007-04-08 (reply)  OMFG! thats so funny you could tell she was trying so hard to not laugh. LOL
- 2007-04-09 (reply)  pump and dump ooooo thats gotta suck,i would of lasted !!!!
- 2007-04-12 (reply)  money shot? i wouldnt give him no money for that shot, getting to fuck her for 30seconds is payment enough for that action
- 2007-04-12 (reply)  ahaha funny how all u ppl are admitin that ur preme\'s lol then again thats mean, i feel for ya, feel a whole hour longer
- 2007-04-13 (reply)  30 seconds....i wouldn\'t last 10 seconds with a fine piece of asss like her!!!!!!!!
- 2007-04-15 (reply)  Hey what wrong with that. Nice as she is it would have took me 5 seconds, two humps
- 2007-04-15 (reply)  yep gotter just above the left eye at 2 feet. guy don\'t last long but can shoot like a rifle!!!
- 2007-04-18 (reply)  what the hell
- 2007-04-19 (reply)  HAHAHAHA! you know when the broad laughs when you pull it out, something is wrong. This guy jumped the about...20 minutes
- 2007-04-21 (reply)  I\'m a fucking ass, I would have pumped twice, came on her parents family pictures, steal her purse, shit on her dog, and steal some food.
- 2007-04-23 (reply)  Dick size doesn\'t matter... I can get a girl off without even being inside of her. Although... being able to last a while is important haha.
- 2007-04-25 (reply)  lmao
- 2007-04-28 (reply)  I last longer with this guys mom, 35 seconds!
- 2007-05-12 (reply)  faggot needs a de-sensitizer...
- 2007-05-18 (reply)  ok dude step aside ill finish it here
- 2007-05-19 (reply)  awesome!, she was trying not to laugh and that was so turn me on!.
- 2007-06-12 (reply)  You suck when I was13 I lasted longer then that my first time faggot. Please dude get a real job one you are good at.
- 2007-07-06 (reply)  weakass pinky dick white boy! she SHOULDA got a \"sparklin\' wiggle\" 2 do the job! we\'d STILL be watchin\' dat sh*t!
- 2007-07-17 (reply)  little punk cant last haha!!!!!!!
- 2007-07-17 (reply)  punkass white boy! don\'t u know if u wanna hit a \"homerun\", u GOTTA swing a BAT!
- 2007-07-30 (reply)  She was HOT! Oh man, i would like to fuck her every day in my life
- 2007-08-02 (reply)  l Quay
- 2007-08-02 (reply)  l Quay
- 2007-08-10 (reply)  damn im horny call me- 722 6578
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  oh well, he got his!!!!!
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  the girl is pretty hot....but it lasted only 0.1 seconds
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  punk ass blackboys!!!
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  Ask your self what is better? Nut after 3 hours of going at it and be totally tired, or, nut quickly (few pumps) so you still have energy to some more (pumps with nut or other girls). You decide.
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  First
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  been there done that!
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  Looks like she was trying not to laugh at Mr Two-Pump Dump
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  lol i bet she still wanted more
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  Its the same girl as the video \"hot chick gets a big mouthfull\" in the recent video section
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  So that is pretty lame, but like that one guy said I still go after the first time I get off...I\'d be more into pleasing that sexy ass bitch than myself lol
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  That\'s nothing, he\'s probably gay...I could cum MUCH quicker than that!
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  damm dude
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  she is definately laughing at him, i dont see any jizz on her left eye at all...
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  anyone got a link to the other video of this chick ???
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  My dick is so big that she would scream as soon as I put it in!! After that I would cum go down and be back up in 30 sec and be back on her. Later I would smack her with my enormous penis. That\'s
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  you all white boyz are worthless in bed. Dis be why all us brothers be taking all your ho\'s from ya\'ll. They want a real man in bed, not some saved by the bell looking sorry ass white boy. We taking
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  Jennifer anniston
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  brittney spears
- 2007-08-22 (reply)  aids
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  I am sure that the camera guy had to finish the job because she was too horny... poor girl she could end with a trauma
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  well Da girl iz hot az shit with a tightass pussy.... even i wouldn\'t last 30 seconds.
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  that chick is hot i would of bust right when i put it in :D
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  2 up way to destroy english you stupid fuck
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  HAHAHAHAH!!!!!
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  had to be a white guy
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  Wow, dude should have burned that tape. He shouldn\'t even get credit for fucking her with a lame ass performance like that.
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  repost
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  repost 4 mths ago
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  uber repost, like 4 months ago
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  I noticed the white boys show sympathy for that pathetic display of \"porn\". So sad. This is why your white women open their legs to everyone else but white boys. I\'d fuck her (like I do every other
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  I\'M CUM FASTER... SEE FIRST! BITCHES
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  Damn shes fine as hell
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  wtf...dude is suffering from PE. He should have jerked off first b4 pocking that pussy only to last 3 sec
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  240th
- 2007-08-23 (reply)  WO IS THIS GIRL
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  WTF is the big deal?? He got his NUT... Fuck Her... Once I heard some slut say \"Who ya gonna please wit that LIL Thing\"?? I Said \"ME\"....!
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  Typical Two Pump Chump... She laughed at him...
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  DAMN HES NOT EVEN A MIN MAN...LOL
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  give the dude a break.. just looking at this girls face and body makes me cum.
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  I wouldn\'t blame him... The chick is hot!
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  Damm she laughed at him thats fucked
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  Hat er ihr also ins Auge geglibbert, drum hat sie gelacht. Leider hat΄s keiner geschnallt....arm!
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  ooooho ooooh see this video proves the myth that all white people are premature ejaculators!
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  ^^8 posts up....hahahah I got a good laugh off of that post
- 2007-08-24 (reply)  Wasn\'t that Kevin Arnold\'s older brother of the wonder years? I knew he was such a fag.
- 2007-08-25 (reply)  I also would be done in 2 & then havin the bitch scrapin ice off my windows, except i would have her make me a pot of coffee & a sandwich before she went out to shovel the driveway.
- 2007-08-25 (reply)  she a hot girl...but a two pump chump?!? to be him. It\'s like Jim and the bandgeek.
- 2007-08-25 (reply)  thread is bogus seen the enitre scene and this just shows the money shoot !
- 2007-08-25 (reply)  i have a statement......if u knew her i wud wreck that chick!!!!!!!!!! DAMN SHE BE FINE AS HELL!!!!!
- 2007-08-25 (reply)  and you wonder why they come for the long black dick....know you know
- 2007-08-26 (reply)  g
- 2007-08-26 (reply)  Joke: how do you make a woman cum. Answer: who cares? That guy was all about it. BTW, I don\'t see a problem with his duration. That woman was smoking hot and he got a piece of it. He might not find a
- 2007-08-26 (reply)  eh
- 2007-08-26 (reply)  I didn\'t even last as long as he did, and I was only jerking off to it.
- 2007-08-26 (reply)  what a BITCH he is!! rubbin\' his pussy on hers & cummin\' all fast & shit! send her ass over HERE!
- 2007-08-26 (reply)  I\'d cum real quick too if I had a guy fuckin me like that
- 2007-08-26 (reply)  sexy girl
- 2007-08-26 (reply)  Ok 30 down, can someone finish me off now!
Red Johnson - 2007-08-26 (reply)  Damn, he\'d outlast me.---But I\'d ready again in five minutes to do it again, this time the long way!
- 2007-08-26 (reply)  god danm that was fucking sad
- 2007-08-27 (reply)  this poor chick is fucking stupid, she was paid or was told a tall story cause that cunt looks like most young fellas who want to look like a sheila in order to pull a root. just a piece of advice cun
- 2007-08-27 (reply)  i would nail that pussy,i would get her knocked up.
- 2007-08-27 (reply)  Another job for a black brother like me. Repost, but still pathetic.
- 2007-08-27 (reply)  Who is this broad?
- 2007-08-27 (reply)  first
- 2007-08-28 (reply)  what a fagget
- 2007-08-28 (reply)  the best parts when he looks in the camera, he knows hes fucked already
- 2007-08-28 (reply)  poor girl
- 2007-08-28 (reply)  hope he doesnt get paid by the hour
- 2007-08-29 (reply)  anyone notice she tried not to laugh?
- 2007-08-29 (reply)  Id wreck that girl, and that guy should of got his respect back by whipping her in the face with his cock! NICE RACK
- 2007-08-29 (reply)  I didnt see any audrey nicholson in those 2 websites
- 2007-08-29 (reply)  does anyone know who the girl is? she\'s beautifull and hot
- 2007-08-29 (reply)  at least he got his
- 2007-08-30 (reply)  no wonder he cum so fast that girl is hot!!!!
- 2007-08-30 (reply)  absolutely gorgeous...thats the way all women should look like
- 2007-08-30 (reply)  Cant believe nobody knows who that is
- 2007-08-30 (reply)  HE\'S GAY. SHE SHOULD HAVE LAUGHED AT HIM...
- 2007-08-30 (reply)  HE\'S GAY. SHE SHOULD HAVE LAUGHED AT HIM...
- 2007-09-02 (reply)  loooooooooooooooooooooooooooseeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!
- 2007-09-04 (reply)  DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO THIS BROAD IS??
- 2007-10-03 (reply)  c
- 2007-10-05 (reply)  man o man
- 2007-11-12 (reply)  if i was that girl, i would\'ve kicked him and grabbed the camera guy! what a amature!!!
- 2007-11-13 (reply)  she didnt enjoy that one bit.. you can clearly see her fake it at the end of the 2 sec\'s they had sex.. soon after they broke up.. lol
- 2007-11-18 (reply)  2 pump chump!that was a fucking waste of time!that guy was lucky to get a girl period,lasting that long!
- 2007-12-27 (reply)  bump
- 2008-01-24 (reply)  Well that thirty minute blow job before hand didn\'t help matters.
- 2008-03-04 (reply)  I think I know that guy
- 2008-03-17 (reply)  haha thats funny as fuck!! that biatch is fucking DECENT though, i would throw it in her ass and come in both her eyes. its hard to tell if she laughing at his shot or how fucking lame he was haha wha
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  Last phukers!
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  Are there any real men left in the world? All I see are a bunch of effeminate men out protesting global warming, and showing concern for how long it took some guy to ejaculate in a woman. Concern fo
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  im last beotch
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  sports is for faggs
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  was she trying not to laugh?
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  who is the whore? i\'d eat that vagina all frickin day and half the night, and yea i\'d munch her arse as well.
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  LMAO this classic, it never gets old! To be fair to him she is fucking hot and if you didn\'t cum within a minute of fucking her you are most likely gay...
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  I wouldn\'t have lasted half the time he did, She is fit....Does anyone know who she is?
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark U
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark U
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark UselessJunk - Updated Daily! Bookmark U
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  Hey! That chick is married, you can see her ring. That\'s why he came so fast. He doesn\'t give a fuck about making his ol\' lady happy. She can work one out herself.
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  That\'s not the entire clip. There is more to this footage of her on top of him and such.
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  well then somone please post the rest of it, cause she\'s fuckin hot!
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  pathetic. watch her laugh at this pitiful loser.
- 2008-05-12 (reply)  Q: How long does it take a woman to come? A: Who cares?
- 2008-05-13 (reply)  he lasted longer than i would have fucking her
- 2008-05-13 (reply)  I can\'t even last that long jerking-off
- 2008-05-13 (reply)  this makes me feel a lot better for the times when i just nutted and ran on a gurl
- 2008-05-13 (reply)  anyone know who she is
- 2008-05-13 (reply)  What a bitch
- 2008-05-13 (reply)  I\'ll be honest there are the 1% ER\'S that are just so fuckin hot you can\'t last..She\'s one of THEM.
- 2008-05-13 (reply)  Who is she?!?!?!
- 2008-05-13 (reply)  I dont know that chick is pretty fucking cute i might not last more than a minute myself the first time i fucked her.
- 2008-05-13 (reply)  i think that is Gauge....
- 2008-05-14 (reply)  all you little young no pussy gettin virgins would cum right away. you will never get a piece of ass that looks that good. you all hang on the computer and beat your meat to a screen fullof hot babe
- 2008-05-14 (reply)  Ready to fuck that thing up with a coke can or a wine bottle or a large mans fist or something.
- 2008-05-14 (reply)  Who is that guy? He is so fucking hot. ANYONE KNOW WHO HE IS?
- 2008-05-14 (reply)  This is from an old video from an incest site. Look closely, you can tell they are brother & sister. Is it any wonder he cant last?
- 2008-05-15 (reply)  so old, watse of time
- 2008-05-15 (reply)  what? they were probably fuckin for 20 minutes before that? lol but then again she was sexy, and had a nice pussy, who knows right
- 2008-05-15 (reply)  i would have cum in 2 seconds with that nice tight bald pussy. I give him props for lasting that long.
- 2008-05-16 (reply)  Poor bastard
- 2008-05-16 (reply)  omg that idiot is so pathetic
- 2008-05-17 (reply)  Probably his first time. Are these two legal yet? Get the IP address of the sick bastard that posted this vid. You Pee Wee Herman ass mother fucker!!!
- 2008-05-17 (reply)  sorry we didnt give you the job gary devlin but lets face it your a fat cunt your that fat you make rick waller look like a fucking cheeky girl you fat mammas boy grassed on the wrong ladds i already
- 2008-05-17 (reply)  what a loser! he came in less than 30 seconds
- 2008-05-18 (reply)  i think he went for distance not endurance. he shot it in her eye ! i can blow my load that quick , but i can still keep goin after!
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-19 (reply)  2 PUMP CHUMP
- 2008-05-23 (reply)  i love how she smirks about him being so fast.
- 2008-06-11 (reply)  lol musta been his first. still that girl looked like she wanted to cry when it only lasted like 26 seconds lol. that shit is a disgrace to all man-kind and i feel bad for any other girl that had gone
- 2008-06-11 (reply)  bump
- 2008-07-15 (reply)  useless twat!
- 2008-07-17 (reply)  It lookes like she has an awesome gripper!
- 2008-07-23 (reply)  she is hot he\'s a cunt
- 2008-07-23 (reply)  you cunt sure that bird is lia barnes
- 2008-08-01 (reply)  she\'s so hot! it was abit too short though.
- 2008-08-08 (reply)  that was embarasing to all guys around the world even chinesse ppl like fuck man
- 2008-09-17 (reply)  heres link to more clips of this shoot: ht tp:// htm
- 2008-09-17 (reply)  remove spaces for link above for it to work.
- 2008-10-27 (reply)  what a blockhead
- 2008-10-27 (reply)  what a blockhead
- 2008-12-12 (reply)  Your a bunch a bitches I start out by cuming in her face then I really get hard and start fucking the shit out of her for hours
- 2009-01-27 (reply)  Wow, that guy fails at sex. o_o Whether or not she gave him a 90 minute blowjob beforehand, if he wants to be a pornstar, he should really learn to control his orgasms. I mean, hells. She\'s try
- 2009-03-01 (reply)  haha loser
Lone Wolf - 2009-03-01 (reply)  You don't know what happened prior to the camera rolling. She could have been sucking his dick for 10 minutes or he could have been fucking her in other positions for an hour. Reality porn is no mor
anonymus - 2009-03-01 (reply)  real or fake thats the funniest shit i ever saw
COOZE13 - 2009-03-02 (reply)  I dnt think she even got to feel a tickle by the time he finished! ya kno when you start to beat off its like ehh okay im touchin my dick again then like 10 mins later your like startin to get into it
TheTruth - 2009-03-02 (reply)  id cum in 5 seconds flat fuckin her !
- 2009-03-02 (reply)  damn that girl is HOT!
- 2009-03-02 (reply)  REPOST
scotiano2u - 2009-03-02 (reply)  don't worry Bud, I couldn't last that long with a hot peice of ass like that. Bo Yah
- 2009-03-02 (reply)  Gay
- 2009-03-02 (reply)  who is the girl???
shit - 2009-03-02 (reply)  88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888ggg
- 2009-03-02 (reply)  haha, she trys and not to laugh
RichardWad - 2009-03-02 (reply)  Pretty little cunt. She needs BLACK DICK.
- 2009-03-02 (reply)  do you see her face as she trys so hard not to laugh
- 2009-03-02 (reply)  W.T.F THE SAD BASTARD
anonymous - 2009-03-02 (reply)  WTF!!!!! DUDE!!! This dude is a fucking wannabe! HAHA..
- 2009-03-02 (reply)  What a waste of a gorgeous doll on that stupid little wanker! - I'd give her something to smile about...
- 2009-03-02 (reply)  I would have tore ass up and blew it in the little sluts cunt!! Kids a fuckin fag!
SisterBanger - 2009-03-02 (reply)  her pussy was too tight but i gotta love her
- 2009-03-03 (reply)  poopy shit
- 2009-03-03 (reply)  fuck me it would stick my dick in her pussy, she is fuckin fit, the ncum over her face,
- 2009-03-03 (reply)  the chick tries not to laugh...
ADI - 2009-03-03 (reply)  NOT 1 MIN HA HA HA
- 2009-03-03 (reply)  XD look at her fuckin smile..thats funny
- 2009-03-03 (reply)  I want to marry her!!
zeze4u - 2009-03-03 (reply)  she was so horny and he just ended in 20 secs. I guess somene had to help her afterwards... maybe the cameraman?
Byberbob - 2009-03-03 (reply)  lame
Poon Grappler - 2009-03-03 (reply)  I produced this flick.. its called Cum Squeezer 5000
SpeakTheTruth - 2009-03-03 (reply)  haha, the girls tryin not to laugh when he pulls out, ha
- 2009-03-04 (reply)  That chick is friggin Hot! look how hungry she was.....
LOL - 2009-03-04 (reply)  LOL
red-man - 2009-03-04 (reply)  Thanks for putting me in your urethra, obs sorry, he came amazingly fast. nice dick though
- 2009-03-04 (reply)  I fucked that bitch
- 2009-03-04 (reply)  What would really look nice would be my semen all over her face and dripping from her vagina!
yea - 2009-03-04 (reply)  that chick was tryna not to laugh at him lol
Hermer - 2009-03-05 (reply)  I agree he should have got totaly wasted... if you cant get it up when your drunk, then your probably a Hermeber
- 2009-03-05 (reply)  shes like..."well that wuz fun"
- 2009-03-05 (reply)  what a loser. never go out with a loaded weapon.
- 2009-03-05 (reply)  as she tries to not laugh.
- 2009-03-05 (reply)  We can see her hold a laugh when he is pulling out to cum :D!
lawl - 2009-03-05 (reply)  the girl thingks i want more
- 2009-03-05 (reply)  e un fraeer
peep - 2009-03-06 (reply)  can't find the damned video!!! anyone have the exact link? or her name?
- 2009-03-06 (reply)  she cant even hold her laugh in, bet she wished she had just fucked another nigger instead
- 2009-03-06 (reply)  she wants 2 laugh!!
Reminder - 2009-03-06 (reply)  Der is 14....den will ich nicht in meinem bett dem kann man ja garnich richtig ficken...da kann ich mir lieber ein spielzeugauto inne fotze schieben :D
- 2009-03-06 (reply)  LMFAO
- 2009-03-06 (reply)  I want her to be my wife!
- 2009-03-07 (reply)  Then they get mad and call black dudes niggers and monkey when the fuck whit bitches but do you blame them they last longer.
- 2009-03-07 (reply)  that kid is gay.
- 2009-03-07 (reply)  looks like such a quiff
- 2009-03-07 (reply)  wow two pumps and a wiggle shes trying hella hard not to laugh
- 2009-03-07 (reply)  wow two pumps and a wiggle shes trying hella hard not to laugh
lbcyabz - 2009-03-07 (reply)  damn was he a virgin i feel kinda bad but that bitch was fine as fuck and like no cum for the little virgin and her tryen not to laught hahahha
Cumsquitequick - 2009-03-07 (reply)  lets not focus on this kids premature ejaculation....that bitch was fuckin out of this world hot
df - 2009-03-07 (reply)  s
annonymous - 2009-03-08 (reply)  what a dusch
Kris - 2009-03-08 (reply)  how laim dude she' h8ed that man
kris - 2009-03-08 (reply)  she was something hot though
- 2009-03-08 (reply)  what a fag douche bitch!!!! i would wreck that pussy then make her finish me off with a blumpkin!
- 2009-03-09 (reply)  he's a pussy!
- 2009-03-09 (reply)  he's a pussy!
ggg - 2009-03-09 (reply)  fffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck dat pussey harrrrrrrrrrrrrrd
- 2009-03-09 (reply)  I want her to be my wife!
135zrq - 2009-03-09 (reply)  yoxi so good
haha - 2009-03-10 (reply)  she luff cos this is too easy money for her.
asdf - 2009-03-10 (reply)  asdafdad
funky - 2009-03-10 (reply)  put it back in there my pussy not squirted yet!!!
cracka - 2009-03-10 (reply)  shit niggi that shit was wack nigga
- 2009-03-10 (reply)  shes amazingly hot and that pussy looks tight and fresh, his load hit the wall above her head, ha ha! guess that was some good pussy!
lolz - 2009-03-10 (reply)  EPIC FAIIIILLLLLL!!!!!!
lolz - 2009-03-10 (reply)  EPIC FAIIIILLLLLL!!!!!!
- 2009-03-10 (reply)  what a fuckin pussy ha ha ha lol
- 2009-03-11 (reply)  i got some
khao - 2009-03-13 (reply)  some of you would not have gotten it in without cumming
loser - 2009-03-15 (reply)  thats pathectic i can last longer than that
no name - 2009-03-20 (reply)  wow i didnt jizz
lol - 2009-03-30 (reply)  i think i know what his problem was, he was just too nervous and didn't think before putting his dick inside her, he just thought of how good it felt and looked at her vagina all the fucking time. man
rocky - 2009-04-04 (reply)  hes gay
- 2009-04-11 (reply)  lol that bitch started laughing at him
- 2009-05-02 (reply)  what a pussy ass bitch
- 2009-05-14 (reply)  my dog fucks better
- 2009-06-09 (reply)  haha....should he be more happy that he banged a chick that hot and got paid to do it...or that he epicly failed to make the most of it. and got laughed at.
Chuck - 2009-06-09 (reply)  Most you bitches never had a woman that fine, he went about 10 seconds longer then you would have.
- 2009-06-21 (reply)  small penis
- 2009-06-25 (reply)  And that is Y all the hott white chicks go for the black meat.....
not ur tipical spic - 2009-07-23 (reply)  lmfao!!!!!!!! fucken cracker thought he could.. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- 2009-08-12 (reply)  is this the same girl in the video "grandpa blows his Social Security check and load on 18 year old"
Brotherhood - 2009-08-28 (reply)  GUYS LETS DESTROY FEMINISM
balls - 2009-09-02 (reply)  hahaha she was laughing lol i feel bad for him
Apophis - 2009-09-27 (reply)  Lol cracka? .. o ye stfu porch monkey ...
1ugly - 2009-10-02 (reply)  shameful!!! and you let somebody film it. Idiot!
Guest - 2010-02-23 (reply)  Dang...she's too hot!
Michelle - 2010-10-10 (reply)  Guys need to learn to control themselves before they even think about sticking it inside a girl's vagina.
well - 2011-01-10 (reply)  she IS hot, so it's understandable!
nds - 2011-02-23 (reply)  anna
james - 2011-03-18 (reply)  theres a longer version of this. anyone know where it is
- 2011-09-17 (reply)  rt
fitty - 2011-10-30 (reply)  can-u-send-me-a-pix
e - 2011-11-22 (reply)  5 pumps maybe
whothefuck - 2011-12-19 (reply)  who is this girl?
pornking - 2012-05-28 (reply)  any one know her name
nutter - 2012-07-20 (reply)  FUCK! I wish I could remember where I saw this video. This dude has been fucking her for 15 minuted brfore they reposition ansd he nuts. This video is chopped big time! seriously
nickname - 2012-10-12 (reply)  poor thing
kike1979 - 2013-04-20 (reply)  uno puede desarrollarce con una mujer fea asi de rapido pero con tan tremendo peluche como puede pasar algo asi es injusto tremenda mona

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