big black cock TOO MUCH for white drunk girl

ahhhh... make it stop! hurry, and get it over with! Say what you will about having a big dick... nothing wrong about having half the size and double the fun! them big dicks be overrated. Cruel joke on the black man!
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gary - 2012-01-30 (reply)  Miss Howard Stern making some more black babies?
Liberl head hunter - 2012-01-31
Can you say RAPE!!!! filthy Nigger
420KING - 2012-01-30 (reply)  First you monkey lovers!!! Everyday a great fappable vid at UJ. I didn't get around to wash my cock since a week. Meanwhile my wiener stinks like a two weeks old fish!!!
no monkey porn - 2012-01-30 (reply)  probably the site admins mom
hmmm - 2012-01-30 (reply)  i like how se was telling him to stop, and he never did
lol - 2012-12-04
That's what they do, got my first bbc when i was 24. He pulled my legs over my head and road me to town. I screamed for mercy and he just went faster and deeper, blead for days.
Sorgistbach - 2012-01-31 (reply)  420 king, your disgusting nature never ceases to surprise me. Also, the fact that he was black was probably too much for her.
4200KING - 2012-01-31
Well, it seems you like a big black aids cock up your ass!!!
Sorgistbach - 2012-01-31 (reply)  Furthermore I think this is a repost. Good job, Hoover.
666 - 2012-01-31 (reply)  Typical nigger dont give adamn about anybody execpet for himself fucking peices of shit anyways
waskonon - 2012-01-31
It's there world we just live in it!!!! Think all revolves around them!!
waskonon - 2012-01-31 (reply)  their world!! Sorry to much bourbon!!!!!
I'mRickJamesBitch - 2012-01-31 (reply)  aw...and now she has AIDS
EB - 2012-01-31
Like Magic Johnson ... hey, how much that nigga worth now??
- 2012-02-01
AIDS??? Really???
- 2012-02-01
One more thing genius....Magic Johnson doesn't have AIDS. He's HIV positive which is a pre-curser to AIDS...F'n genius!!!!
. - 2012-01-31 (reply)  stupid girl.
Jim - 2012-01-31 (reply)  She felt that one in her tonsils ! Good show bro ! God Bless America the Bearutiful.
- 2012-01-31 (reply)  aids aids aids
420KING - 2012-01-31 (reply)  woo that right black brother show her what we got First you monkey lovers!!! Everyday a great fappable vid at UJ. I didn't get around to wash my cock since a week. Meanwhile my wiener stinks like a two weeks old fish!!!
wtf - 2012-01-31 (reply)  why is there so much racism, what is wrong with you people
What?! - 2012-02-01
You are complaining about racism, here on all places on this video which is sickening!
Mikey - 2012-01-31 (reply)  Ha no white guy will ever want her again
:P - 2012-01-31 (reply)  Mikey, no white guy will be able to feel the walls of her vagina anymore :/
- 2012-01-31 (reply)  Her pussy looked loose as fuuuk anyway. Keep that one niggers
EB - 2012-01-31
Loose on a small dick like yours - cracker.
TexasRebel - 2012-01-31 (reply)  Fucking greasy ass nigger should know its not polite to rape a girl. Needs to learn to stop when told too!! Lucky I wasn't there to see that otherwise I woulda hung his black ass from the nearest tree
1Dan - 2012-11-25
That black guy would have broke every bone in your body. Face it white boy, your own women don't even what you weak underweight skinny fuckers any more. To get fucked good, they have to turn to the blackman and their is nothing you weaklings can do about it.
- 2012-02-01 (reply)  youall with your keyboard courage!! pussy-ass white people true gang mentality fucking pussies!!
koontain - 2012-02-03
sounds like ur the 1 talkin all big and bad when u know u aint gonna do shit. keyboard killa
a dude - 2012-02-05
- 2012-02-01 (reply)  white people are the MOST SELFISH,GREEDY bastards on the planet!! wish you were all dead
- 2012-02-01
Say what?!?
tex1776 - 2012-02-01 (reply)  People are in a mindset that one is better then another. Regardless of race, age, sex
- 2012-02-01 (reply)  Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway....
Jim - 2012-02-02 (reply)  God Bless America - Home of the Brave !
- 2012-02-02 (reply)  tooooo much racism
twocent - 2012-02-02 (reply)  bunch of little dick haters!!!
n word - 2012-02-03 (reply)  fucking black bastard should skin him and hang him from a lamp post
mr porchmonkey - 2012-02-03 (reply)  that nignog is so typical. forceful and doesnt understand the word no.
- 2012-02-06 (reply)  Just like Obama a worthless monkey
julie - 2012-02-08 (reply)  hot sex vid !
- 2012-02-11 (reply)  Drunk Girl? We just witnessed a rape. Her husband and children were probably tied up in the other room. Notice she covers her face. The act of shame. Also pleads for this to stop.
long - 2012-02-12 (reply)  She smoked up her $40 dollars. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE THAT DICK BITCH!!!!! HAHA
mick - 2012-02-14 (reply)  i wish my wife would fuck him
- 2012-03-06
Well what does she look like
hehaw - 2012-02-15 (reply)  looks like barely 4 inches was going in hahahaha
123 - 2012-02-15 (reply)  000000
white boy - 2012-02-20 (reply)  dude it's 2012, whats up with all the Nigger Name calling? So what she fucked a black dude maybe she likes BIG dicks and hasn't been able to find a white guy that big... Loose are you kidding me her pussy was hugging that dick tight she might be loose if you have a little dick but myself i got 7.5'' and pretty thick so i know she wouldn't be loose with my dick in her just saying
black snake - 2012-02-20 (reply)  @420KING, @no monkey porn, @666 haha y'all just mad bc the black dude smashed that white pussy while you fags sit at home and jack off and watch porn all day looser. Think of us big black dick nigga's why you be jacking off
Big Nigga - 2012-02-21 (reply)  To all u little limp dick WHITE BOYS, most of your pale azz white bithes want to b fucked by a BLACK MAN anyway. So stop the bullshit and send me YOUR White Pale azz ( which are mostly flat) Bitches so that I may service them in a proper manner. How bout that shit.
REDPETE66 - 2012-02-26 (reply)  Can't we all just get along...........LOL
REDPETE66 - 2012-02-26 (reply)  I don't know about the rest of you but I would give her a go after this guy, All would be good once I got past the USED PART...
WTF - 2012-05-20 (reply)  wtf am i watching? is this a fucking rape crime on tape? Did nobody else hear her begging him to stop? shes so drunk that if she said NOTHING this could STILL be called rape. fucking niggers
mr.nazi - 2012-06-26 (reply)  it has been my experiance in 46 years that any white woman that sleeps with a non white seems to always haveemotional/mental problems!
Uhh - 2012-10-17 (reply)  Isn't that mostly rape, she said to stop and he kept going, then she said to stop again and he went faster, she asked again and he went even harder and finally came 60 seconds in.
poesy24 - 2013-04-20 (reply)  like
dan - 2013-05-15 (reply)  HAHA White bitches shoould no better! That nigga aint stpping for anything
dan - 2013-05-19 (reply)  I love seeing tiny tight white pussy being broken by big nigger dick haha that bitch is gonna feel that fo a week haha
dan - 2013-05-27 (reply)  I hop her stupid daddy sees this, and sees his white princess daughter being fucked hard by a nigga LOL
chickenpie - 2013-05-27
that would be nice.
chickenpie - 2013-05-27 (reply)  so beautiful,i wish that was my daughter taking his big black cock in her tight white young cunt,i would love to watch as i stroked my cock.

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