naked hottie offers the pizza delivery guy a blowjob

she offered this pathetic bastard a blowjob in exchange for money when he arrived to deliver her veggie pizza. Fast Food delivery guys all over the world dream of this moment, but clearly some choke under pressure when the opportunity arises. She was hot as hell too!
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chink delivery guy - 2010-11-04 (reply)  I would have been all over that piece of ass in a flash!
- 2010-11-04 (reply)  hit that man!
ANALSPUNK - 2010-11-04 (reply)  I was smoking some sausage when I watched this!!!!
spic - 2010-11-04 (reply)  if she would have offered the dog or a child, the white man would have had sex with it.
- 2010-11-04 (reply)  What a jerk.When does a girl offer a blow job that easy.That guy is a homo!!!!!!!!!!!
whiteman - 2010-11-04 (reply)  i would have her shit & piss on me, then i would rape the likey that
DeeDee Granini - 2010-11-04 (reply)  I love skinny chicks with A-cup titties. And a Fremch accent. That being said, we've been through this topic many times already. What if she lures him in just to accuse him of rape afterwards? Better
DeeDee Granini - 2010-11-04 (reply) than sorry. Get your bjs when you're not in a comprimising situation.
?? - 2010-11-04 (reply)  Is that guy a fag?
FuckYourFace - 2010-11-04 (reply)  Wait, so let me get this straight. He DIDN"T get a blow job, and he DIDN'T even make her pay for the pizza? WTF man?!
- 2010-11-04 (reply)  she lucky he wasn't a nigger or she would have been raped with the AIDS
Mike - 2010-11-04 (reply)  He made the right call. There's something fishy about a girl offering you a blow job like that. You ask me, the only safe blowjob from a random chick happens without her awareness (i.e. punch her in t
hey Woodjablowme - 2010-11-04 (reply)  FAGG!!!
yepp - 2010-11-04 (reply)  Pretty sure she left the dog outside
sparky - 2010-11-05
LOL! good eye. she left the damn dog outside. poor dog won't get any pizza!
john - 2010-11-04 (reply)  What a dik head !!! same on you boy!
PlasmaBear - 2010-11-04 (reply)  What a fag...seriously, if a hot naked chick offered to suck my cock, I'd be whipping it out with no hesitation whatsoever.
- 2010-11-04 (reply)  I thought niggers were dumb.This guy must have his cock in his ass.
smart - 2010-11-04 (reply)  wow this guy is the biggest faggot on earth i would have destroyed this bitch
- 2010-11-04 (reply)  jj
nh - 2010-11-04 (reply)  dumb honky's
- 2010-11-04 (reply)  Have any of you actually looked at this bitch - she is fugly...
kkk - 2010-11-05 (reply)  kk
manking - 2010-11-05 (reply)  What a DUMBASS!!!
mr - 2010-11-05 (reply)  Dude what happened to the dog??????
Buffalo Lonestar - 2010-11-05 (reply)  i raped it in the backyard while smoking a J an eating that pizza!
Babbelas - 2010-11-05 (reply)  Wait, he refuses to PAY for sex and now he's a loser?
- 2010-11-05 (reply)  with my luck it would be a set-up and I would be jumped by a room full of niggers who would ass rape me and then rob me for the $40 in cash in my pocket
Right Turn Clyde - 2010-11-05
That would be my luck as well.
Broadway Asstard - 2010-11-08
Well said!! It feels totally fishy, much like her cunt.
spic - 2010-11-05 (reply)  the spanish stole our gold then raped our mothers
Right Turn Clyde - 2010-11-05 (reply)  Seriously, imagine that. I'd be too worried about the bitch having a disease she wants to "share" to do anything. Besides, her feet are fucking huge and nasty looking. That's worth nothing more thana
Right Turn Clyde - 2010-11-05
Worth nothing more than a good story and some pics. DAMN CHARACTER LIMITS!!
Dan - 2010-11-05 (reply)  The bitch could have AIDS, the guy was smart to turn the whore down.
Right Turn Clyde - 2010-11-05
EXACTLY what I was getting to above.
- 2010-11-06 (reply)  Does anyone know who this bitch is? Maybe more videos of her.
crazy8 - 2010-11-06 (reply)  pizza
crazy8 - 2010-11-06 (reply)  I delivered pizzas for a little while in between jobs and women would answer the door naked I never took it seriously I knew they were just messing with me.
- 2010-11-06
nigger hater - 2010-11-06 (reply)  must have been a fag to not accept a blowjob from her
LetMeGiveYou - 2010-11-06 (reply)  Come on in, let me give you some A.I.D.S. before you go... No? Are you sure? 100% pure A.I.D.S. You know you want too!? At least let me give you some herpaghonnasyphillaids hahah
BELLLCH - 2010-11-08 (reply)  If I roll this pizza up and you can fit the damn thing down your throat, my cock just might fit in your mouth, whore.
- 2010-11-08 (reply)  fail fail fail fail fail
drrgg - 2010-11-10 (reply)  ggg
dgrg - 2010-11-10 (reply)  gege
esrt - 2010-11-10 (reply)  fghfdj
jhfg - 2010-11-10 (reply)  hjgh
uyf - 2010-11-10 (reply)  hggh
drse - 2010-11-10 (reply)  ygf
- 2010-11-13 (reply)  Why do hot women think they can do anything they want? Whore.
- 2010-11-15 (reply)  chyna
Wtf2012 - 2010-11-18 (reply)   WHy would u not take the fucking BJ ...
- 2010-11-29 (reply)  worthless assholes who made this go to hell
- 2010-12-18 (reply)  dogy
dfg - 2011-01-20 (reply)  adea
Cramer - 2011-02-11 (reply)  Go long AAPL, GOOG, DIA, QQQQ, POT, AMZN
zeke - 2011-02-18 (reply)  tough
lizardking - 2011-03-26 (reply)  no i cant i have like 3 other pizzas ihave to deliver soon or i dont get my 1.00$ tip.
rj - 2011-09-11 (reply)  I had a girlfriend for her soroity initiation had to suck the dick of the pizza delivery guy.
TheOriginalThatGuy - 2012-05-28 (reply)  he made the good call, unless she was willing to blow him in his car. that should have been his reply
nigger - 2012-05-29 (reply)  he was a nigger!
booba - 2015-03-05 (reply)  fuck me man that would never happen to me...

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