blindfolded white teen tricked into sucking black cock

this sexy blonde teen agreed to do a kinky blindfold blowjob for this porn director but did not agree to suck some black cock. When she realized she was chowing on a black dick she freaked out and cried over the thought of how her daddy would respond to his daughter being soiled by a black dude. LOL
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cw - 2010-11-02 (reply)  first. 1-780-771-5125
EASY - 2010-11-02 (reply)  second
ass - 2010-11-05
EB - 2010-11-02 (reply)  Wheres the Audio??? Without it we cant authenticate the story you scammers ... lol.
woody - 2010-11-02
works for me. turn on your speakers bitch!
the Q - 2010-11-02 (reply)   to late bitch
skid - 2010-11-02 (reply)  As if her dad would have been proud of her for sucking a big white dick. Fucking nigger dick sucking whore!
mom - 2010-11-02
no kidding. I guess daddy would be fine with his whore daughter being banged on film as long as it wasn't from a nigger. ha
white woman - 2010-11-02 (reply)  I am a 40 year old white woman and I should have been that teenager sucking that huge black cock. I could not wait for that to tear my pussy and rip my asshole
TOTIMES - 2010-11-03
- 2010-11-02 (reply)  she is sucking on an AIDS stick
ANALSPUNK - 2010-11-02 (reply)  You wouldn't have to trick me into sucking that big beautiful black cock!
TOTIMES - 2010-11-03
- 2010-11-02 (reply)  keep her!
DeeDee Granini - 2010-11-02 (reply)  I love skinny chicks with A-cup titties. And a French accent. That being said, is she filed under "blackballed" now? There was no penetration. Anyway, the black dude didn't even get hard. What's up wi
DeeDee Granini - 2010-11-02 (reply)  ...with that?!
Roy Batty - 2010-11-02 (reply)  Yeah, this WOULD be funny to a JEW!
- 2010-11-02 (reply)  why is that nigger breathing like darth vader
Nignoggery - 2010-11-02 (reply)  FAKE she sucks black dick all the time and she was smiling not crying choke on it bitch
Frank Garrett - 2010-11-02 (reply)  Yeah right like she couldnt smell a dirty fuckin smelly ass nigger even with a blindfold
Buffalo Lonestar - 2010-11-02 (reply)  that man sounded like vader! despite that fact, I would pound her pussy raw!
- 2010-11-02 (reply)  How come niggers can't get hard
Haha - 2010-11-05
Cuz this isnt rape, and theres no mace in his eyes.
Archellis - 2010-11-02 (reply)  That little Lady is a Pro, She loved it too, Dayum I wish I knew her and yes I am a Black man.
Mmini - 2010-11-02 (reply)  as fake as American intelligence
carlos - 2010-11-03 (reply)  looks real. looks really surprised when she takes over the blindfold.
uh... - 2010-11-03
are you fucking BLIND? She smirks, she fucking giggles and smirks.
- 2010-11-03 (reply)  fake
ahahah - 2010-11-03 (reply)  buuuuullshit...NO FUCKING WAY did she not know that that giant cock was owned by a black man...I call FAKE
Kizzle - 2010-11-03 (reply)  fake and gay
tank - 2010-11-03 (reply)  its called rape
- 2010-11-03 (reply)  not quite fake and gay, more like dishonest and bisexual haha
jak - 2010-11-03 (reply)  shut the fuck up and suck
420 KING - 2010-11-03 (reply)  I am the 420 King and I would lud to smoke me some of dat cock!!! While smoking weed!!!
Fakie Fakerson - 2010-11-03 (reply)  So lame... that bitch took black dick in the ass in Weapons of Ass Destruction series
- 2010-11-03 (reply)  ^she did?
Barack Obama - 2010-11-03 (reply)  Once you go black,you can never go back!!! Stupid Snowflake Bitch
Whitey - 2010-11-05
That may be true, Atleast I have a job, car, wife, and kids that know their father..... YOU NIGGER PIECE OF SHIT.
I H8 NIGS - 2010-11-06
i agree with whitney, and not all white ppl have small dicks. SILLY NIGGERS
NinjaPoster - 2010-11-03 (reply)  What site is this from? It is obviously fake because she is a pretty big interracial pornstar...aka Gwen Diamond...but it still looks like it might be a pretty good movie. Anyone know what it's from?
gtfo - 2011-11-06
100% not gwen diamond. and besides it obviously isnt fake ;)
- 2010-11-03 (reply)  DADDY RAISED HER RIGHT!
doubter - 2010-11-04 (reply)  Why is the dick so black on a white guy? look at the video the guy is white. why would you color your disk black? That is not a jones.... it is a james
spic - 2010-11-04 (reply)  white dad priorities, their daughters can suck all the cock she wants as long as it is white. Guess that is how white women are trained during childhood.
over 45 and white - 2010-11-04 (reply)  Why are all these young white girls so luckyin getting all these huge black cocks. There are many of us older white women who are married for over 20 years with the same needle cock. I feel as though
lol - 2010-11-04 (reply)  This is a fake vid. That chicks done tons of interracial videos, funny none the less
45 and white - 2010-11-04 (reply)  I am suffering in Texas i need somd hard black cock to violate my pussy
- 2010-11-04 (reply)  thats what u get when you hang around with spicks and nigers now your used meat pig
cfo - 2010-11-04 (reply)  i love how slutty white girls are
for real - 2010-11-05 (reply)  this is a fake that ho loves black cock in her mouth every chance she can get
haha - 2010-11-05 (reply)  what a whore...god love her
im her father - 2010-11-05 (reply)  im gonna hang that nigger,fucken mud monster
satan - 2010-11-05 (reply)  good whore but bad actress
Right Turn Clyde - 2010-11-05 (reply)  FAKE!! Besides, she couldn't tell it was a nigger from the mouth breathing moaning going on, or the general BO coming off the guy? Get real.
Ace - 2010-11-06
seems like yur jealous..u want to suck that dick cracker
Y.T. - 2010-11-06 (reply)  Niggers are the color of feces.
Ace - 2010-11-06 (reply)  I make a living from fucking Honkie slutts
Ace - 2010-11-06 (reply)  All you white fucks, go fuck your pets its Saturday
Right Turn Clyde - 2010-11-06
It's Saturday, fagnut. SShouldn't you be in detention for your constant spelling failures?
nigger hater - 2010-11-06 (reply)  lol
dong - 2010-11-06 (reply)  lame
freakshit - 2010-11-07 (reply)  que le pasa a esta imbecil!!!! osea que si papi la ve mamando vergas blancas la aplaude???? que tarada
gergor62 - 2010-11-07 (reply)  What's the slut getting tricked by, she knows
gergor62 - 2010-11-07 (reply)  That slut knows exactly what she's suckin' on!
- 2010-11-07 (reply)  bitch is worried about getting caught on camera, if its true.If she was tricked into it the mother fuckers are having a good laugh, maybe next time it will be their little sister sucking some mother f
Chilo899 - 2010-11-10 (reply)  I like it
brenda - 2010-11-10 (reply)  i have fucked many black guys. it's not a big deal. i don't know what her problem is.
The Dark Side - 2010-11-11 (reply)  Sounds like Darth Vader is the cameraman
axelstone - 2010-11-11 (reply)  i would like to know how they did that
dfdfdfg - 2010-11-11 (reply)  its fake common be serious
- 2010-11-14 (reply)  lol crazy FAKE
lil300 - 2010-11-17 (reply)  mine is lnger and fatter
poteet puto - 2010-11-29 (reply)  my chicks dad was mad. but little tht he knows all my friends fukt her. i pimpd tht pussy out 2 thm
evie - 2010-11-30 (reply)  I'll suck that black cock. My husband can watch if he wants to.
trapper - 2010-12-13 (reply)  love it,her reaction is beautiful
trapper - 2010-12-13 (reply)  all white girls should be tricked like this
rich68n1 - 2010-12-16 (reply)  gwen Diamond, full video
rich68n1 - 2010-12-16 (reply)  on XNXX website
- 2010-12-20 (reply)  ha ha
biggz - 2010-12-28 (reply)  haha
william shockley - 2011-01-07 (reply)  enjoy your aids
PornoMan - 2011-01-10 (reply)  The real story behind this. I've seen the full video, and it's a role play thing, the girl gives into his "giant black cock", can't resist, than sucks the shit outta him.
spanker - 2011-01-10 (reply)  All white girls should be tricked like this
datneiga - 2011-10-09
chickenpie - 2013-05-27
yes i agree,that is fucking nice.
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- 2011-04-19 (reply)  lol get er done . . lol
jonn3 - 2011-02-16 (reply)  comment6,
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tiny prick - 2011-05-27 (reply)  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahaha you racist little bitch serves u right
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yanki - 2011-07-29 (reply)  like to trick my wife too
rizgohard - 2011-07-31 (reply)  lol
Zryder - 2011-08-18 (reply)  I've seen the whole thing. She finishes the job like the good little girl she is!
Jackwilly - 2011-09-01 (reply)  Nothing
westerson - 2011-09-04 (reply)  I love it
tolits - 2011-11-06 (reply)  d teen like it but she shy d guyt
puta - 2011-11-06 (reply)  u know u like that big black cock no matter what daddy says!!!!
mmmk - 2011-11-09 (reply)  fake
Amir - 2011-11-13 (reply)  145
ddogg - 2011-11-14 (reply)  luv to eat that pussy
- 2011-11-14 (reply)  fake
frankwhite - 2012-06-24 (reply)  that was fucked up
mac - 2012-07-02 (reply)  fake
bru - 2013-01-13 (reply)  delicious lollipop mmm
gog - 2013-01-23 (reply)  wat
nickname - 2013-03-06 (reply)  i LOVE IT..this nigger piece of crap got shot down by a hot white chick....
nickname - 2013-03-27 (reply)  commen
nickname - 2013-03-30 (reply)  n

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